Mzangila Writing Competition II

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Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed to write anything, or else your submission will be rejected.


  • To promote young talent in the writing world.
  • To provide a platform for the upcoming writers, where they can pitch their creativity.
  • To award and motivate top notch writers.
  • To nurture, raise and sell raw talent.


  • Creative stories of your life happenings aimed at giving some life lessons to our readers, depending with the particulars of the category. In the case it is an imaginative story/fable/supernatural, creativity should be at the peak.
  • A simple story that we can relate with easily without referring to the dictionary every second. However, good use of mysterious “big” words is highly encouraged.
  • Use conversational tone in an appealing manner to capture readers’ attention.
  • Slang and ‘vulgar’ (not too much vulgar) languages are acceptable so long as you provide an Exclaimer to forewarn our readers of disturbing content at the top of the story.
  • Only one story is acceptable. If you submit two stories even if identical you will be disqualified. Let us have your best only.
  • Grammatical errors may be so normal in writing, but might be the cause of your downfall.
  • Mixing of languages, such as Swahili and local languages (explained in bracket) in order to bring a point home is acceptable. But do not overuse it.
  • A story must have 1500+ words for it to be considered.
  • Use a catchy intro
  • For poems and lyrics, they should have at least 5 paragraphs of 7 sentences each with at least 10 words.

NB: Your story must be maturely written, nothing less.



Should teach a lesson

Conversational tone


Easily relatable



  • Only 18+ years old will be allowed to take part in the competition.
  • Must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • Must be in possession of some knowledge about the prevailing social media trends.

NB: Due to the increasing number of subscribers, every willing participant has been asked kindly to register with a fee of Kshs. 200. This was a decision made by all the members, notwithstanding the sponsors, of Mzangila Group. This is in effect to cut down the number of subscribers to a manageable number. All payments are done through The CEO’s number- 0716503589.

Thereafter you shall be contacted and given the go ahead to participate in MZANGILA WRITING COMPETITION II.


  • Poems /raps/lyrics
  • Comedy/epic
  • Tale
  • Chronicle
  • Drama
  • Fable
  • Erotica/ Romance
  • Religion
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Science/ fiction
  • Crime
  • Anecdote
  • Supernatural
  • Others (if by any chance you have no idea, or would like to combine two or three categories together.)


Winner in each story category- Kshs.3000

Number one in poetry category- Kshs. 1000

Runners up – Kshs. 2000 & Kshs. 800 consecutively

Number three – Kshs. 1000 & Kshs. 500 consecutively

Kindly note that if you are the only participant in a category that does not guarantee you an automatic win. All the assessment is based on the instructions as given, the judges’ decision and the readers’ votes, all combined.


Challenge weeks

Monday 13th July- 3rd August, 2015.


– 4.00 pm Monday 3rd August, 2015.

Story review weeks

4th August – 18th August, 2015.

Posting of stories

 18th August- 28th August, 2015.

Announcing winners

29th August, 2015.

Awarding winners

– 30th August. Pm at a location that will be decided upon as time goes by.

Profiling winners

1st September, 2015.

All stories/articles/poems should be submitted to  . Stories submitted after 4.00 pm will be declined. After submitting your story kindly confirm with 0716503589 through a text message.

MZANGILA WRITING CLASS has been unveiled to offer top notch writing skills across all fields. This process shall be conducted monthly on a rotational basis. In Consolidation with Grand Mentors, who are expert trainers in cover letter and CV writing, we would like to encourage all aspiring participants to enroll for this wonderful venture. We are looking forward to partnering with more writing gurus to bring you all that you need.

Book your slot for any of our monthly trainings @ Kshs. 2,000. For poets book your slot @ Kshs. 500. Grow your Dreams with us. Kindly contact us for more info: / +254716503589.



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