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We want to transform our graduates into “do something for myself” rather than ‘someone do something for me.’


MGN strives to enhance lives of Kenyan youths through enrichment programmes, workshops, mentorship and events that serve to inspire individual advancement. Our programme results in the increase of confidence, courage, educational and personal development.

Additionally, MGN provides a platform through which the youth can learn and become self-employed. With a staggering unemployment rate of 39.1% as of 2017, MGN seeks to help youths create job opportunities to accommodate the ever-increasing workforce.

Our philosophy focuses on young people moving from being employed to self-employment. This comes along with mentorship, training, and motivation to help young people to develop innovative minds. In doing so, we help them create opportunities for themselves as well as for others.


To promote self-employment among the youth



MGN is committed to building an enabling environment to spur growth, development, innovation and self-entrepreneurship



Little and consistent successes matter



-Your world of possibilities


Main objective

To lower the high rates of unemployment through self-employment and job creation.

MGN Objectives

Other key objectives


 To provide an enabling environment for self-entrepreneurship


 To aid the youth in their personal and entrepreneurial exploration


 To mentor the youths towards self-employment


 To support the youth develop positive relationships and networks


 To create numerous job opportunities for the youth

MGN Programmes


 Career choices and career counselling


 Business modelling


 Mentorship


 Volunteerism


 Leadership training


 Career and workforce readiness


 Goal setting


 Entrepreneurs’ forum


 MGN monthly


 MGN awards

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