My tribute to the fallen comrades.

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As the rest of the country grieves our fallen warriors, I need to go along with them in paying tribute to our friends whose destruction came so speedy. It is with true collectedness that I take this chance to express my tribute to each one of the individuals who either lost their friends and family or straightforwardly got influenced by the monstrosities embraced by the Al shabaab. I denounce the terrible demonstration that stole 147+ guiltless souls of youthful lives, just before they could achieve and live their dreams.

I must validate that this has been the greatest, and the most exceedingly awful hit to our nation, never experienced previously. It is so damaging to lose such youthful souls who had splendid fates that were given the ax when they minimum anticipated. It is so troubled to each of us and I join everybody in grieving the departed, and staying near to the individuals who lost their nearby companions and relatives.

Amid the occasion I lost one companion. It is a miserable experience. Particularly now that life might never be the same again. Life may not be stunning as it used to be. Things may not be ordinary once more. Folks and kin may never have motivation to grin again. Numerous folks may need somebody to gaze upward to once more.

There is nothing to grin about. I need to thank the president for his endeavors to help the affected, the victimized people and the entire Garissa fraternity to manage the impacts of the assault. Words can never express what I feel inside. They can never debilitate all the bitterness, all the distress and the serious state of mind that imprints my body.

We all stand in one accord to help support our friends and relatives at these trying moments. I love the spirit of commitment shown by Kenyans to save lives. Most of us have gone out to donate blood to help save more lives and assist the maimed students get enough blood to get back to life.

We can’t restore those which passing emissaries have detracted from us. They say demise is inexorable. It comes when minimum expected and wipes barbarously without minding the outcome of those deserted. Notwithstanding, regardless of the fact that they are gone, they implied such a great amount to us, and that is the reason we need to grieve. The part they played in our lives can never be substituted by whatever other single person.

Deep in our hearts we feel sorry. We grief and feel sorry for the direct victims. It is normal to feel that way. The spirit that unites us as humans invokes us to cry and be there for those who have been befallen by tough times.

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Sooner or later in life every one of us encounters issues. Furthermore, both close and far companions and relatives give out some assistance in light of the fact that we matter. Let us show solidarity and help every another. A call of action from Mzangila is straightforward. There is something we can do.

  • Donate blood
  • Donate funds
  • Offer emotional support
  • Donate food
  • Counselling
  • Social mobilizations
  • Preaching peace…
  • Mourning

Keep in mind these individuals need blood, they require nourishment, they require enthusiastic bolster, they are damaged they need guiding, they need individuals to prepare themselves and battle more dread later on, we have to lecture and keep up peace and be with them to comfort them in the concealed circumstances.

Whether you lost a companion or you didn’t, we all need to turn out and vow support for our kindred Kenyans.

I wager the security of our country is wanting. On occasion there is less we can do about it. However in the event that there is anything that you can do to keep our nation and world protected, then it is justified, despite all the trouble. On the off chance that it is mobilizing peace, or working nearly justified regardless of the powers, or uncovering pivotal data, all is a decent wander towards our own particular security. So let us be vigilant and be selfless. Let us not be similar to Nairobi neighbors, whereby you live in a flat yet you have never even known the name of your immediate neighbor.

I ask the government take more measures to guarantee most extreme security. We would prefer not to be similar to Yemen or Syria or Somalia. We are not a war nation. Let the administration take the test and the obligation of guaranteeing that all its natives are safe. whom do we run to if the government cannot keep us secure?  We would prefer not to continue putting forth such inquiries.

Additionally I would like the government to act like it did to the West Gate attack victims. The special treatment and nationwide call of action and the frantic response to the crisis, should all be executed to our comrades too. I ask the government to ensure that they get back to school, somewhere safe and have peaceful studies.

Of all the people, these students need counselling than anyone else. So my call to the government is to ensure that these students are counselled before being sent back to new learning institutions. My voice, my words, and my call is to treat them with the same commitment that we saw with west gate attack victims…

Let us hold hands. Let us stay together. Let us embrace each other. Let us unite in one accord and preach peace. Let us put tribalism aside and work together as siblings of the same mother-Kenya. Let us be vigilant. Let us show support to all our affected friends, enemies, strangers, and kinsmen because we all have the blood of humanity running in our veins.

Let us strive to maintain peace. Let us stop corruption, let us walk in the righteous paths of life, and let us stroll with confidence even in foreign regions. Let us work hard in harmony, let us assist each other at all times, let us be honest, let us be generous, let us give out without expecting any favors, let us hold each other’s hand, let us love each other, let us hug each other passionately.

Let us feed anger, dishonesty, enmity, bitterness, tribalism, corruption, fights, wrangles, wars, terrorism, violence, hatred, back biting, malice and many others to the wind. Let us pray consistently, let us supplicate for others, let us be our brothers’ keepers and be there at all times for each other.

May God bring to us the ultimate comfort. May He build in us the spirit of forgiveness, May He teach us the unconditional love, may His spirit dwell among us and direct us to the right paths of doings. May He support us, may He fulfill our dreams and hold our hands forever, so that if we may wobble and topple, we find the energy to pull ourselves up and continue acing life.


For those willing to support in any way, either in blood, funds and much more, please inbox me for more information. +254716503589.

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