My short story

= 1446

One year ago I was a toddler

Small to notice I was walking on fours

All that I did was eating soil.


Ten months ago I was in kindergarten

Being escorted by mum each morning

And each evening she came for me.


Eight months ago I was in primary school

School was the only thing in my mind

Though learning was the only thing I forgot.


Six months ago I attended high school

Classroom was the best place I could be

Though the teachers were the last things I liked.


Four months ago I went to campus

All I liked was everything

The last thing I ever remembered were my studies.

All my books were absent and each time

My only job was unforgiving business.


Two months ago I graduated from college

With first class degree in nothing

Except the one you and me know-immorality.


Today I’m pursuing masters in university

But my career I know not

Each time a lady passes by

It has to be me who raises the head.

It has to be me who puts on a sad smile.

I truly understand there is nothing for me,



Two months after

I will be another graduate

Now in a different line of duty

I’ll be a pilot of champion of unrealistic ideologies.


Four months later, I’ll build a house

A mansion to be point blank

From here I’ll base my baseless career.


Six months later, I’ll buy a limousine

And each time I stroll by

So many necks craning to see the big snail

Under the thick tint, I’ll smile.


Eight months later, I’ll be sitting under a shade

There, the youth in me collapsed

Walking in three

With weak voice begging for help.


One year later, I’ll be gone

Under that dark lid I will hear the voices

Others indifferent, others joyful, other sad

All mourning for different reasons.

Years later, I’ll be dead as a dodo, and forgotten.

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  1. Realities in life….so mental indeed.

  2. love the creativity in timelines.. kip it up bro..

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