WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 27: U.S. President Barack Obama walks with his wife Michelle Obama (R) and two daughters Malia Obama (L) and Sasha Obama (2R) through Lafayette Park to St John's Church to attend service October 27, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama is scheduled to travel to Boston this week. (Photo by Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images)

My love letter to Malia Obama

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Justine C.M. Mzangila



May 29, 2015.

Dear Malia Obama,


I assume that you will excuse my assumption in thus addressing you without having gotten your authorization to do as such. Despite the fact that I am foreign to you, your charming smiles haunt me still so that you no more appear to be as an outsider to me. And I can’t hold back the enticement longer that I need to make known some of my contemplations, affections and wishes ,or if  I ought not to have such an open door as I would be craving to express my slants, were I to visit you, I have closed to employee this medium of expression.


Warmth is at times of moderate development and again it springs up in a minute and I hope you will excuse me after admitting the reality by announcing to you my affection for you at first sight (on TV by the way) and you won’t, I hope, find it so peculiar when you learn of the great reports which I have regarding your own magnificence. The delightful smile that kills me softly, so adorable are you, fine and with a height of my dream model. I think it is a sufficient reason to draw in the love of even the most fastidious.

So many times we all hear the same exhortation, “you will know when the person you have in front of you is the one… It’s funny, before you see and feel it for yourself. It’s difficult to envision how that can even be conceivable… however, it’s true, something happens in a blaze of a minute, when your brain is not able to assume control and your entire body just tells you that it’s alright ..This person is finally THE ONE. And I finally say you are the one.


I’ve been sitting tight for this for a very long time. I’ve been searching for this chance to go past my mindset and face all the world’s vulnerabilities.  And all my life I was apprehensive. All my life I was not certain if I can take this greatest danger of beginning my life all once again, once more. I’ve been hurt again and again.

They say that once in your life, you’ll meet somebody who you can open up about your inner feelings to and acknowledge you simply the way you are. I am fortunate to have that, to meet that “unique somebody” and if I miss this chance I realize that I will carry on with my entire life lamenting.


Be that as it may, with you, everything came simple. With you I can at long last say I am prepared to begin my life. With you I am prepared to love perpetually and if today I will be hurt once more, I realize that it will be justified, despite all the trouble.

You are the most astounding thing that ever happened to me and without precedent for my life; I feel that I’m invulnerable – prepared to take all agony, prepared for whatever that we need to experience.

Well… that is the way I feel about you, I know I ought to most likely be telling you all these profound, genuine emotions of mine vis-à-vis over some romantic dinner but here I am … a letter.


Yes it is simpler, (I don’t have my modesty to battle with…), I can erase words and sentences and make things right as I arm myself with the last draft of my heart felt emotions and contemplations. A piece of me simply felt I would rather get it out right, in your eyes, just once, as opposed to showing a confused hoard of thoughts that were apparently secured in my heart and mind; I am certain with you before me for such an uncovering of my inner feelings, that my nerves would have ameliorated and I wouldn’t have possessed the capacity to say even one sentence of the considerable number of emotions that I feel for you; thus the letter.

I might want to make it up to you anyway, though I know its somehow late since a fellow Kenyan lawyer had presented his grievances earlier, I have been amazingly occupied with work, hanging out without you and so on that our time together has been relinquished for my own gain.

I obviously can’t hope to make a great impact at the forefront of your thoughts on this short acquaintance. However I don’t recognize what is in your heart or what may be in the future and I along these lines yearn to offer expression to my sentiments and take in my destiny before it is past the point of no return.


Before scrutinizing all of your photos on Google yesterday, I solicited a sign from the Lord that He may shed me the light on the lady of my dreams. I trust that the answer is from the Lord and that He may stir in your chest the same feeling that I now encounter for you.

With a man of my own stature (young and vibrant) we can share our dreams. We can prosper together; we can dance in the rain. I will stay under your window every night and sing at the top of my voice and compromise you, so you’ll get into a relationship with me to save your reputation, and you will listen in silence while taking in the sweet words of my lyrics.

I am half agony, half hope. Tell me that I am not too late, that such precious feelings are not going stale. I offer myself with a heart even more than your own. Say that you will not predict a very early death for my feelings, because I love none other than you. I am unjust, weak and resentful but never inconstant.  Can you fail to understand my wishes? Please don’t, as you penetrated my heart when I first saw you. I can hardly write more like I had wished to as in this instance my love for you overpowers me. Let me; however, proceed to let out all that I feel for you.

Too good, too excellent creature for me; a very noble lady whom I have an honor of calling a princess. And now nothing remains for me but to assure you in the most animated language of the violence of my love for you.


I understand that one of your greatest hobbies is playing football. It is a very huge coincidence, that I love to hung out and play football. We can play during our free moments. We can always top it with dances and will accord you the entire honor.

I just want us to strike a very healthy relationship, one that can later lead into a colorful marriage, where we can live together forever. I am taking this unique possibility of uniting with you as my perfect partner and I’m imploring you to take this risk as well. Extend your arm to me my princess… will you?


I wish that you might in this way, after genuine thought of this letter, illuminate me regardless of whether I should appreciate this inclination or might I cover it without a moment’s delay. I completely accept that when two like hearts meet that it is no troublesome errand for them to discover that certainty and I can’t help stimulating a trust that yours is one that I am looking for and in further affirmation thereof I will identify with you an unusual condition.

I trust thus, .I am still sitting tight for your answer, I trust that you concur…

Yours in love,

(Your best suitor to be)

Justine C. Mzangila.

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  1. Unless u have the faith manifest at Mt. Carmel, don’t put ur lord to test..forget not that 1 of His answers to prayers is NO..

    Please channel this gusto and intelligence into a more probable quest mister..

    • you are one of the enemies of development,ushindwe

      • Hi Mr Ruddy, My idea is quite simple but we could write a piece of work about a time in St.Paul’s when you was being the best you can be. My other idea is that we could write a work which is about iniiprsng someone to be the best you can be.

    • Hi Mr Ruddy,We could write a letter to soemone who is our example- like if you want to become a singer when you grow up, you could write a letter to your favrouite singer who you want to be like. We could also write about a time when we gave up and how sad it was for us- we could have a moral in the story to never give up.

  2. simply prespondesterous

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  4. I’m almost starting to believe that all Malia Obama’s friends are jealous of her too.

  5. Your best friend Malia was born around the same time and was named after the oldest daughter of former US president Barack Obama.

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