My Dream

= 3775


Holding to a dream might be easy

Following the dream might be hard

Living the dream might be impossible

But having a dream might be

A million of possibilities.


Chasing my dream, my target

Deep within my bulky hand lies

The dream and sometimes dreams

Driven and controlled

Daily happenings that rule my dream.   


The ability to live my dream, I don’t know

The ability I have but, don’t know still how

The ability I feel inside me, yet I don’t  know it

The ability that ruins my dream

Because I’ve not realized my ability

No ability, no ‘my dream’.


Nobody seems to understand me

While my dream dies within me

My cries smother each day

The dream dying each day

Yet I want to live my dream


I just want to know who I am.


-Photo credit:singmeastory

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