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She’s a short slender woman

So old fashioned but flashy

She prides herself in being the


The first in line

A line that we will toe

She wears not

Like those her age

She dresses like a lying little girl

To please our husband

And clients

She likes the courtroom

More than her house

More than her children

More than her husband

More than her life.

She reads all night

She reads me

She reads her husband


In laws



And everything

She wins cases

Wins petitions

Wins the heart of clients

Clients that cling to her

Her that is forbidden

Her that is wedded

Yet she unwed with clients

And she can’t win.

Our husband

Loves me

Me that is partially schooled

And at home


And waiting

For him

And his money

As I wash



And iron

I have no money

His money is ours

But mine mostly

Am clothed



By him

That’s why I


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