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I love this milk, I can’t wean

Honestly, I love these tits

They come with milk, the only delicacy for me

I look up to her face, and direct to her eyes.

I can see care in there, pouring down to me

I can see the love in those arms, behold they hug me tight.


All these I remember now, when I miss her

She is gone, and I am sad

She was my heroine, and that made me a hero

I looked up to her, and she was there for me

Tender, loving, and caring.


Mother, how great thou were

Gave me life, and clothed my nudity

Carried me like a bag of gold on your back

A watchful eye never losing sight of me,

To ensure I was there, secure and vibrant.


Did I lack anything mum?

Did I miss any of your love?

Did I miss any of your warm embraces?

Did you deprive me my food?

Did I wander around homeless?

No! You stood by me, for me





Triumph over the wars, you fought for me

The soldier of my life, you defended me

Guard of my life, you gave me honor

Sheath of my life, you hid me from the craving troubles.


I am grateful mother

You were such a powerful woman

This I have written, was your unspoken

In silence and submission you built our family

In total dedication you ensured we got educated

Oblivious of the tough terrains, tough times, tough crises

You gave us the best, and that is what a mother is made of,

Made of steel, to conquer the enemies for her family.


You made the complete woman for my dad

Joy, happiness and content you came with

You bound our family with love, and built it wisely

Stood by it during terrible times, always optimistic

Consistent, a great manager and task doer

And I miss all that


I can’t pay you

But surely you were always great

I can’t forget you

Even though I miss your cheery caring spirit

I have to stand for myself, coz you ain’t no more.

Sleep well mother, fare thee well.

Love youuuuuuu!

-Photo Credit:WorldOfWander

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  1. Strong words, nice diction Mzangila… I like

  2. Hii stori imenibamba.. wanna dedicate it to my mom

  3. Glad to hear that Shiro please do so.

  4. Mmmmm I love it…good work there keep it up

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