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Here we come, peeping to the end of the year. But before that a barrier will come, wrapped in good tidings- Christmas, a time of merry making and celebrating the birth of whoever you worship. Your God, small gods or even Jesus. All in all, it will leave us broke and naked, vulnerable to the harsh conditions of Njanuary. But do we care? We live for the moments because when we give account of our year, we will talk of the moments we had.

2016, I do not remember how it started. All I remember is making my resolutions late into February, meaning I didn’t witness the year unfold. That unconsciousness has haunted me all year. It took away from me all the necessary effort to make a step in my life. Like the necessary steps that men take when they are about to turn 25. Making enough money, creating a stable empire and buying a neat suit. Oh, forget a suit. You don’t need one to breathe fresher air.

So it has been going down a road, rough road, and off the radar of focused life. But even so, it does not mean I never had moments worth penning down. While people were dying, others languishing in pain on hospital beds, complaining of life’s unfairness and amidst all the life hullaballoo, my life was also going rock bottom and down the roller coaster.

Good moments

Someone cherishes me

Has someone ever looked up to you, on your damn face and told you- you are my icon. I really look up to you so much, and I hope to be someone like you? Has someone ever told you that you are their hero? It is unexpected, right?

Someone called and said I’m her hero. I couldn’t believe it. And there were instances where I received messages. One read this- I know you don’t know this but you are my role model. From one Faith. And one Brayo who hopes that he’ll be an astute fellow like me. And such words, are heavy and moving. Knowing that there are actually people out there who wanna be like me or better actually left me in tears. It was the best thing ever in my life.

All these make me be a better man because someone else is looking up to me, and it is my job to behave right. Hope I won’t disappoint.

On friends

I felt more connection to a few new and old friends. But if there were friends who made my year worthwhile, it is Frank, Esther, Vivy, Elkanah and Boaz.  But the friends below were tighter.

From left- Frank, Esther, Vivian and Mzangs
From left- Frank, Esther, Vivian and Mzangs

A queen

One of my 2016 resolutions was to get a girlfriend. No, for real it was. Just check out my resolutions. At the same time I have been battling with abstinence because I wanna keep a principle known by many and followed by a few. I tried my best.

I have tripped. But just like a game of chess, a king needs a queen to protect him. But do I regret? I hope I be faithful to her because she is fragile, beautiful and loving.


Have you ever wanted to act? We all want to be in movies, shows and all that. Deep inside us is a desire to be famous in the hall of fame- everyone to watch, admire and envy you because at that point you will be in a different class.

Sometimes I feel that I should have flown down to Hollywood and become an actor. It is a calling. I record myself doing poems, crazy jokes and interviews. That right there is a symptom of a calling, right?

So we shot a documentary of the journalism club, where I’m the chairperson. To me that was the greatest achievement ever. That down the history lane people will watch the documentary and talk of me even when I’m gone- a legend that was.

To all who have such desires, it is not too late. Let us hook up and do something.

Watch it here. Journalism documentary


I used to watch small kids ride a huge bike. A bike bigger than their height. They could manipulate and tame it so well.  And I would stare in admiration. Something I’ve done for 23years, and deep inside my heart yearned for that power so that I can handle that bike like those kids. Sure enough, in late 2016, Mzangila learns how to ride a bike. I am proud of this achievement. Thanks to Brother Misoi (brother comes from church) for letting me misuse his bike to get myself into the system.

It is a pity that I cannot write Bicycle without relying on auto-correct or google or a dictionary.


Leadership owns 80% of my career. It is what I’m best at, leading packs and packs of beings towards achieving goals.

To crown my year, I was appointed to be the Chairperson of the students’ electoral commission for our school the year 2016/2017. There is a lot to say about it but no words can describe the moment. A surmountable job, enormous responsibilities and meagre returns. But a great position, full of experience and a fatter CV. To all my team- Collo, Irene, Evans, Mercy, Kinyua, Simo, Njapit, Rhoda, Mary and Sheila– I salute you.


This was my year, shining in field events. I jogged and ran a lot. I worked out well enough to carry me over to 2017 comfortably.



Down times

Sheba dies

One day in August while we were making merry somewhere, death visited Sheba- my sister. And he took her away from us. An innocent creature. A well brought up girl who with humility treated each person with warmth courted death.

And on her entombment, chaos arose. Apparently she used to go to some funny church in Nakuru which advices patients not to take meds because the power of Jesus is bigger and effective than those meds. And just like that, Sheba slips from our hands. The church funds some of the stuff towards her burial, which indirectly is a way of booking a space in her burial. My dad being a staunch SDA, he knows this church and so he says they won’t get a chance to talk and spread their false idiosyncrasies to the rest of his children. That right there, was chaos coming. It came, and went.

We so miss you Sheba.

Sex scandal

Fame and popularity enjoy both sides of the coin. I’ve enjoyed things, and favours that result from fame, respect and popularity. Been penned among the most influential students in Kenya, and one and only from our varsity, been preferred on leading a number of task forces, been offered leadership positions, been voted to lead a number of conferences and workshops plus other things. That is not significant.

It so happens that some people are enemies who want you to hit the floor hard. Maybe they want what you got, or you are an impediment to their success, or you have the only thing that they ever wanted in their lives. And they can go to an extent to get it.

A few weeks ago social media got dotted with Mzangila being involved in the worst sex scandal ever. And the headlines on twitter, google, Facebook, WhatsApp and IG screamed- Karatina university student leader allegedly involved in the worst sex scandal ever- and down there one of my clearest photos hung, pleadingly, looking innocent at the same time menacing.

People discussed it. I had no words, but I felt someone had cut one of my toes. Thanks to friends who came out to defend me and at the same time Magazine reel pulling it down before things could get out of hand.

No one came

You see I try to hustle just like any other man.  In my profession, we are basically involved with everything to do with communications, technology and public relations. Event organizing included.

Towards the end of the year, we, I being in charge, organized an event, as it is our custom. Surprisingly, out of the 300 expected guests, only 11 showed up. Thanks to God because the speaker sucked. He was the most boring speaker I’ve ever listened to, and seating there, wasting my two hours is something I’ve never recovered from.

Happy festive season

All I wish for you is fun, fun and more fun. Make merry, enjoy the moments, make friends, shout louder, smile wider, laugh more, drink less- that shit kills, help someone, save for the rain, and when we cross to 2017, let us have a new start.

Above all, be happy.


Happy holidays!


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