The Moles At Our Places Of Work

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I am one of those guys who look forward to Fridays. Fridays are so dear to me that I can kill someone for it. They are those days that I have lean energy for work, a constipated stomach and red eyes due to sleep overlaps missed during the week. It is the only day that grins paste my face from morning to afternoon because after that a siesta jostles in after a heavy meal till four.

Fridays are full of possibilities that can make me riot if they got scrapped off the calendar. At my workplace, Fridays are often accentuated by casual wear, glitters on the face, and laziness smothers the air. You can actually feel Friday laziness right from the gate. If you landed from mars and had your first destination as my workplace, you would automatically know that it is Friday.

If you ask me why Fridays, my answer would be like this, Friday is near the weekend, and nearer to Monday. Now, the weekend holds a special place in my heart, but not like Monday.

You see my job depends on the daily remunerations depending on the workload done. It is fixed that way. So Monday is a day to replenish my wallet from the blow it suffers over the weekend. While other drunks are having that lasting hangover at work, I am having my way around the work swiftly. I am no drunken lecher.

Just like a virgin girl’s chaste boobs, Mondays are fresh. They ooze new fragrance every week. And sometimes I feel like we could have two Mondays a week. I could hug it or carry it in my backpack and walk around with it so that the scent doesn’t leave me. Such love for Mondays, simply because it opens the doors to opportunities.

It is a month now since I started working with the county of Laikipia. A month is a long time especially when rewards are thin and measly. No one likes it free. So do I. since I do not have much of a choice with the contract that is set to end in a few weeks’ time, I am in perfect agreement with myself to be on the progressive agenda team that will work without giving bloody smirks- #Team positivity.

Now, team positivity might be working well. We are on the positive energy trajectory cruising well. On our way, we discovered a mole, a self-imposed mole working for himself to fame and a name against the door. A poor nigger stepping on other people’s heads to get where he wants, or rather somewhere he thinks he will get by doing shit to people.

This guy is on heat. He wants a seat; that is what I know. He is one of those dudes (only dudes do frivolous stuff) who thinks that by showing how others are bad enough to face demotion, he will be given all their vacancies. A complete wazzock if you ask me.

I am sure you have such people in workplaces, classes or even in society. Watu wa kujipendekeza. They are the retrogressive elements that derail other hard working people’s efforts. They will thwart your every move to make you look bad. They might not have taken any studies in your field but they think that they could serve better in your position.

More often than not, they will bring collision between the seniors and the juniors at workplace. These moles create a gap that never was before. They then will convince the seniors that there is actually a very big gap somewhere; one that some certain employee is not taking care of since this employee is overly work-shy. Once the seniors are convinced that you are not filling that gap, they come down to beat you to the ground.

Moles are the realest enemies. When they are close to you they can be the best of friends, but with ulterior moves. They enjoy acting holier than thou just to screw you, uncover weakness and report to your seniors.

It should be known that moles maneuver their way easily with the seniors. They are quick, active and suggest solutions when there is a dead end to an activity. They will always find something to do, even if it is a job meant for you. They are well serviced with privy information, one that a junior gets to know months down the road. With all these timely information, they become the hubs to decentralize the information to others, becoming the trailblazers.

As they say the difference between a good journalist and a bad one is information, the moles use this information to make you their puppets.

One day you will be sacked because someone alichochea that you are truly an indolent. One day you will be fired via sms because a mole at your workplace is thirsting for your seat. One day you will be laid off not because you are underperforming but because someone is jealous of you.

I am not going to say that things will be smooth. You will face so many hardships from people wanting to bag your position. They will come in troops and try crushing you to the ground. They will conspire to see you land into an abyss of misery. They will pray that you drop dead in one of those days. They will even dope your drink so that you pass out and they find you on the wrong side. They will love to see you going down the grave.

The world is a funny world, right? Everybody else is after their own survival and will do anything to get you out of the way. They don’t bloody care if you have kids back at home who are looking up to you. They don’t care if you have a sick granny in hospital who needs kidney transplant. They don’t care if you are also working your ass up to a bigger office with your name on the door.

Humanity is not always inscribed in each one of our hearts. Deep inside we are all hungry for something, and will work ourselves out to ensure we get there. If anything comes on the way, our balls won’t calm, we will colour it with collateral damage and move on. We can batter innocent people, rape their innocence, taint their repute and even break their necks so that they do not wake up to see another day.

It is not the world that is a scary place to live in, it is the people in it. The world is nothing without us. Even the animals in the jungle don’t really  matter without us. The humans in are the sauce that ails the world. We don’t have love for one another. We are greedy buffoons trying to make it. Nothing legit seems to work, shortcuts and shrewdness that prevail.

It is all about money, power and influence.

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