Love me

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                       By Elizabeth Quinn

Everyone says “av neva felt this way before”
Well not me.
I won’t lie have felt this way before,
I have had someone’s words run through my thoughts,
I have hugged someone and wished I could sink my way through his heart,
I have had my lips tremble at someones kiss,
My knees wobble at someone’s touch,
Yes have felt it.

I have loved with every fibre of my beings,
I have cried myself to sleep, call it heartache.
I have sunk so low, forgiven that which I shouldn’t have,
I have had the sweet taste of love,
Laughed at someones joke,
Yea, been there done that.
Yet your love i still need.

Still love you deeply,

Still long for your arms,

Still feels like its the first time,
I have no broken heart for you to mend,
I fixed that already.
I love what we have
Am so into you,
And you wanna know what makes you different….
I have shared love,shared joy and happiness,
But I gave it up.
never will i give up on us.

I wanna know how it feels like,
To be loved by you,
To be hurt by you,
To be pampered by you,
To smile on your lips,
To cry on your shoulders,
To sleep side to side with you,
To have space between us.
With you am not afraid,
I can handle it, i can take it.
I can because I know no matter what,
We gonna stuck it through,
Arm in arm,
Palm to palm,
We will walk,
Even with anger in our hearts,
Even when there are no words passed between us,
I will still hold on to you,
My hand will still take yours,
My fingers will still hold your chin,
I will love you to the moon and back.

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