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Before you begin to look for my hand, let me tell you that I cut it. I am not likely going to be writing soon because of that. And if you’re asking how I managed to write this prelude, it is because you’re not technologically woke enough as you might think to be.

Whoever wrote the story asked me if the story is worth it. I told him only the reader decides that. So I leave it to you. Leave your comments below. We appreciate honesty.

“James, how was your day bro?” Peter asked.

“Salome.” This is all James could say.

“Are you alright? Is she okay?”

“Exactly, that’s my problem. It is now a month and I haven’t heard from her.”

“Have you tried calling her?”

“Her phone is not going through.”


“I am going to Kisumu tomorrow.”


“Yes, tomorrow.”

“What if…”

“Please no, what if.”

Filled with worry and anxiety, James had no otherwise lest travelling to Kisumu. He could not imagine, Salome his only and everything in his Cupid world, is not talking to him. Is she alright? Or has something bad happened to her? Or has she started seeing someone else? But a month is a short time to fall in love! It had taken him almost the whole of his campus life to ‘get her into his box’, how could she? These are the thoughts which ran through his mind as he sat in that Matatu. The more trees kept moving back, as usual, the more quiet people became.

All seemed to be thinking about something. Each may be had a problem to think about. His phone called.

“Salome.” He thought she is the one calling. He fumbled his pockets for his phone. The ringtone went on:

‘For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

 For all the joy you brought to my life

 For all the wrong that you made right

 For every dream, you made come true

 For all the love I found in you

 I’ll be forever…‘ Do you know the song? ‘Because you loved me’ by Celine Deon.

He reached it.

“Shit, Amos!” He received, “Hello Man.”

“How are you doing?” Amos inquired.

“Everything is alright.”

“You are wrong. I can hear it from your voice. Why are you lying to me? Anyway, kwani what’s wrong with Salome?”

“What’s wrong, what do you mean?”

“We have just met but I have noticed she is moody, not jovial as usual.”

“Where is she?”


“There where? You mean she is hearing all these?”


“Okay, please do me a favour, keep her around, I am on my way.”

The call went off. Understandingly Amos thought loudly, “did he say he is on his way?”

“On his way? Who? And to where?” Salome asked.

“It’s my friend but ooh, forget about that. Please take me to the bus station,” Amos suggested to Salome.


When James got at the Kisumu Bus station, as he alighted, Amos and Salome were there waiting for him. At a far, he could see them. He saw Salome, very beautiful as usual but a bit bigger and her face shinier. He had no other business, he just walked toward them.

“Oh, there he is,” Amos said on seeing him. As a result, Salome turned and saw him too. “James! Why did you do this to me Amos?” she turned to go away.

“Do what? Please wait, Salome.”

“Wait?” She asked.

“Yes,” Amos answered.

“Salome please,” James shouted as he paved his way half walking, half running, toward them. All people stood agape waiting for the drama to unfold but they were unlucky.

“Hello, guys.” James greeted them.

“Hello too,” they said in unison. “Are you alright?” Salome continued.

“No, am not,” James answered.

“Guys, I think you should excuse me. James, call me before you return.” Amos said and walked away.

“I will Amos. Salome, my dear.’ He turned to her.

“Tell me.”

“Amor neni” He tried to sound like a Luo, in their accent. He said facing away and kept quiet waiting for her response. Maybe a peal of laughter to signify he has pronounced it wrongly or a question like, ‘do you know the meaning of what you are saying?’ This is what they used to do in their free time after everything else; each would try to teach the other their language. So this is what he was expecting but none came out. “Is she smiling at me,” he thought and turned to look at her. He was surprised to find her weeping- tears running down her cheeks. ‘Gosh, What are these tears for?’ he thought to himself.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I know you love me, James.” She said in reply.

“That’s not a lie.”

“But am sorry, I betrayed you.”

“Betrayed me! What do you mean?”

“I slept with my old friend and am pregnant.”

“Pre… mmh what?”


He grabbed and pulled her toward himself, looking directly into her eyes and gave her a long passionate hug.

“No, this is not true.” He said still embracing her.

“It’s true my dear. I’m sorry. That’s the reason I cut communication between us. Nothing can thaw the guilt in my heart.”

“You didn’t have to do that, I love you.”

“You?” She pulled herself off.

“I love you, Salome. The fact that you are my first girlfriend, is my weakness.”

“Ooh my God. I wish can promise you that your weakness wouldn’t be my strength to hurt you again.”

“I see it in you.”

“I wish you can understand when I say it- I mean it, not a pretence.”

“I do.” She started crying again.

“Please stop crying.” He solaced her by lovingly patting her shoulders.

“I feel guilty James of what I did. After nine months, I can’t stand to see what is growing in me. I want to..”

“Do abortion, right?” He interpolated.


“Come on, think of that life you want to cut short. Life is a free gift and the strange thing about it is that it is only given once. And also when a woman is pregnant, she participates directly in helping God in the work of creation. I think it feels nice and fulfilling to have life growing inside, be its bridge and later watch it grow. I wish men also become pregnant.”

“Are you kidding?” She asked angrily. She continued, “Yes, all you have said is true but don’t forget this is something I had not planned for. And also it is with someone I don’t love. I don’t want to see this child.”

 “Adam didn’t plan to be created and so is it. What you did is what is ‘wrong’ and you never know, we can’t say it’s not God’s plan. This child is innocent my dear.”

“I’m sorry James, I have already made up my mind. I have to do it.”

“Okay okay, when do you plan to do it?”

“Today, of course. I have the medicine here with me. Do you want to come and help me?”

“Stop the joke. Do me a single favour instead.”

“Which one?”

“If you sincerely love me, postpone, so that I can get time to think about it. I will tell you my stand tomorrow please.”

“Okay, granted.”

“Thank you.”


James left Kondele an hour before the exact time. Kondele is about 7km from Kisumu city centre. This is where he had spent his night. It is here where his friend Amos stays. He boarded a bodaboda and in about 15 minutes he was at Uhuru Park, where they had agreed to meet with Salome. He approached a bench that another man had sat.

“Good morning, I’m James.” he introduced himself.

“Otieno.”Shaking hands. “How may I help you?” The man asked.

“Nice to meet you. Can I have a seat?” He inquired.

“Omera, no problem,” Otieno assured him.

“Thank you. Is Makasembo Estate far from here?” James asked as he sat down.

“Not too far.”

“Is like how many minutes for someone walking?”

“About fifteen.”

“Thank you. Let me go there. There is somebody we were to meet here but am sure she has not arrived.”

“She! Okay.”

James started walking toward the exit. But before he could make ten steps, somebody called out his name. ‘Salome?’ he thought and paused without turning back.

“I am here James.” He was surprised to learn that it was her. When did she come?

“For how long have you been here?” He asked.

“About thirty minutes. Am anxious to hear what you have to tell me. ”

“Okay. Directly to the point, are you still adamant on your decision?”

“I had nothing to think about. Yes.”

“Okay, I allow you but on one condition…”

“What condition?”

“I have already talked to a doctor who should do it for you. The way you said you want to do it, is very risky. And we have agreed without a waste of time, you should go tomorrow.”

“Doctor! Do you forget this act is illegal? What if he turns against us or are you…”

“No please, spare me that. You will have to trust me.”

“Okay, sawa.”

 James told her the place she should go the following day. He also gave her the doctors contacts. He stood up grabbed her hands and pulled her up also. He looked at her directly in her eyes. He then kissed her forehead and gave her a long hug.

“I wish you all the best. Good luck.” He said and left.


Salome stood indecisively at the door for about five minutes. ‘Should I do this?’ She thoughtfully asked herself. ‘What if something bad happens? Akinyi told me it is too painful to give birth. She said she will never again get pregnant. Ah, but am not giving birth.’ Determined to accomplish her mission, to set herself free, she knocked on the door. Her figures felt frail. She thought of running away but to where? The door was bolted open. A tall (in his late 20s or early 30s), handsome man in a lab coat, emerged at the door. Salome mustered all her strength and requested to be allowed in.

“May I come in?”

“Yes please,” the man said in reply opening the door wide and stretching his hand to handshake Salome. He continued, “You must be Salome?”

“Yes. And I guess you are doctor Makini.”

“Yes, am doctor Makini.”

“Nice to meet you, doctor.”

“Pleasure. Have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“You are so beautiful.”


“Give me a minute.” The doctor left her seated and entered into a room adjacent to where they were. She remained there totally thinking about nothing. The doctor returned again with a folded envelope in his hand.

“Now let us get to business.” He broke the silence.

“Okay.” She said adjusting herself.

“I talked with James and he told me your problem.” she nodded. He continued, “But before I do anything, I would like to know few things from you. You see I just work because I’m paid, doctors too are human beings- we reason, and critical thinking is something we are taught for many years. We can’t just go direct. I never know maybe you changed your mind?”

“No, I have not changed my mind,” she replied.

“Now tell me, why do you want to abort, are you a student?” He asked.

“To start with, I am not a student. I completed my degree two months ago. The main reason why I want to abort is that I have somebody whom I sincerely love and he is not the father.” She explained.

“Ok. Go on tell me what the other reasons are?”

“I don’t love its father.”

“Is that so?” The doctor asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“I still don’t see the reason, why you should do it.”

“Don’t wait to see it, doctor, you can’t.”

“Okay, don’t think I don’t want to do it. But I have to tell you this: First, James loves and as I listened to him, I could tell he does not want you to do it. He paid me anyway. Secondly, I can’t guarantee you that it will be safe. It may cause you not to get children in future when you will be ‘ready’ and in need of them or maybe this was the only one God gave you. And lastly, the worst thing, you might die in the process.” He explained.

“Let’s hope for the best doctor.” She said.

“I wonder how it happened if all this is because of hate.”

“Never mind,” she curtly said.

“OK.” DrMakini lifted the envelope from the table, unfolded it and with both hands handed it to her. “James told me to give this to you. He said before I do anything, you should read what is inside first. Please open and read now.” She took the envelope her hands shaking. And she started reading still seated. The doctor, in turn, started preparing the tools.

Dear Salome,

Do you still want to do this? I allowed you because I want you to be happy but why don’t you care for my happiness too if you really love me?

That child is innocent my dear and I will love it like my own- I cannot leave you because of that. I once again with all my love for you (if that means something,) urge you not to do it. You might die in the process and the child will be long gone. What will you have achieved?

Think of this, the child dies, you die and me already dead.

I am waiting for the doctor to tell me you still want to do it and I take my life. I want to hear your final decision. Tell the doctor-he is going to tell me. Do you still want to do it? OK. If yes, go ahead. Good luck.

Love you.


“Nooooo, doctor. Tell him no,” she shouted and hurriedly stood up, took her handbag and started walking out without a goodbye. On stepping out, she started running.

“Salome,” DrMakini called.

When she turned and looked back to respond, she was surprised to find James standing at the entrance. She started running back toward him. He walked to meet her. She threw herself to him when she got closer. They embraced each other. She took the collar of James’ shirt and started wiping her tears. After a pronounced silence, she looked at James directly in his eyes and said;

“Nowadays, angels do not come flying, thank you, honey.”

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Some of his articles include; she is now a Wife and My jealous wife among others.
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