Life at the beginning of the tunnel – Djay Charlie on #TianarThursdays with Mzangila

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ch Born 20th March 1992, in the slums of  Kaptembwo, Nakuru
Charles Mogire has seen it all from sand to grass, from bottom to top. He schooled in the same are for his primary and secondary education upto 2009.
With no capital to join college, Charles would amass the little income he got from Vibaruas here and there to sustain his family and himself. His first job was as a night guard, (as the modern Luo would say) working for a salary of 2,890. After two months of hardwork and evidently no sign of sustainability, he quit his job and ventured into the Boda Boda business which cycled his way to Hero Fm where he landed a position of cook and cleaner.
Did you know that Charles is a stand up comedian? such talent and yet such little resources. While at Hero FM, he would sometimes take time off his schedule to access the studio and see how things are done there. Curiosity killed the cat? I beg to differ. His curiosity helped him realize that although he thought that being a comedian wouldn’t pay, it was worth a try and the fact that he had always dreamt of being a Deejay he would give his best shot at killing the two birds with one stone.

~Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.~ sounds familiar right?

Working at Hero Fm is a big shot. Especially to Charles’ village. This is evident because it earned him the ‘small’ celebrity status which allowed him to use his recently learned Virtual Djaaying skills in small events around his village and in the vast Nakuru to raise income to enable him join a Deejay School.

Despite being the cook, Charles would finish his duties early so that he could get enough time to spend in the studio and see how things are done. He was later given a slot to host the Club Hero show, and thus the name Deejay Charlie was born.

He met his long time friend who owned a Deejay School and they struck a deal. Deejay Charlie was to work as a cleaner in the school and get in return tuition lessons on Deejaying. In 4 months he had in his fingertips, live mixing skills and the Deejay Software.

Deejay Charlie re-applied for a job back at Hero FM and managed to be one of the most influential Nakuru deejays with a fan base of over 28,000 fans on Facebook and over 2000 on twitter. He left this position for Rachhdio Fahari a reborn radio Station in Nakuru. He has also managed to do shows in Sauti ya Mwanachi and recently joined the System Unit Africa, Nakuru Branch.
He has also played as main Djay in Tianar’s Beauty Meets Charity Pageant Nakuru.

He has been featured on different blogs, News papers and Radio shows both as a comedian and deejay some of them Being Daily Nation, Nairobi News, Kenya Deejay Magazine among others and currently on Google top list on Nakuru Most Influential Deejays.

There can never be an end to success for those who never give up. Trust your journey. Always.

Big ups Djay Charlie, Charles Mogire and for teaching me how to blog 😛 . Oh did I forget that bit. Yes, Djay Charlie is an IT Guru. Stay here at for the story shall continue………

Written by: Robertinah Mbula.



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