Letter to my unborn son

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Greetings Babs,

How have you been today? Have the small limbs grown any bigger? Has your cute face smiled today?

Your joy is mine, and my instincts detect no cause for alarm.

Your dad and I were at the clinic today. The doctors gave you a clean bill of health. I have no doubt that

you’ll grow to be a handsome jolly fella. You seem to have added an extra kilo and I hardly cease

thanking God at the progress you’re making.

I got excited as the doctor announced that I’ve fought the good fight and walked the path only the brave

take-now time is nigh for you to join us in this other world where we have trees, mountains, houses,

people and a bunch of other amazing stuff.  Eeish, I feel you frowning but trust me sweetheart it’s

helluva much better out here than in there where all you do is eat, swim and kick.

Boy, am tired of walking round with a big belly like I swallowed some gigantic pumpkin. Am not

complaining darling-but seriously you know what I mean. The back-aches have reached their peak and

the swollen feet give me no break. You surely don’t want mummy to make special orders from Bata

shoes, do you? So you better come out soon.

And when you come dear be a good boy! Hear my son your father’s instruction and reject not your

mother’s teaching; for they’ll be a fair garland on your head and pedants for your neck. I have no doubt-

many a girl’s heads you’ll turn.   But let not mischief rule over you. Take time to think before you leap for

some actions are grave indeed. Ghaai! Bare with my lecture dear-mummy just wants the best for you.

Well, your dad and I argue over piffling things about you. Ti hi! Today, we debated on which name to

give you after the ultra sound knocked girls names off the list. However, as much as you kick inside like

some world cup match is been hosted in there, Ronaldo is a no-no!  Football aside, I want you to have a

solid name. With ‘Babs’ as your pet name, Selah Grey would do you justice.  A native you ask? It’ll come

eventually sweetheart, once the simmering heat between your two grandpas cools off–what with both

wanting  you to take their names? For now however, Selah Grey you shall be.

Your kicks I shall endure, for a few more days, as we eagerly await your arrival.  Cessy, your sister can

hardly wait to pull your ears whenever you act up.

Finally son, just letting you know you’re the best gift after Cessy and we’ll always love you.  Take

courage as you prepare to enter our world.  We shall cheer you from your very first step, till a man you

become. Pretty late it is for little angels like you now;

Hush little one, it’s time you go to sleep.

Goodnight Selah.



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  1. such a captivating story! am delighted beyond measure.

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