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He who finds a good wife obtains favour from the Lord. The importance of a right union cannot be overemphasized. Any young man upon contemplating on the subject of marriage has an obligation to choose wisely his destiny. As it is being chronicled in the holy book, the Bible, a wife is the cornerstone of any marriage. Are the young men of this generation aware of this? What do they look for in a woman? Why do we have so few marriages and yet so many divorces? Why is there increased violence in our society despite increased levels of education? These are fundamental questions that cannot be overlooked. Given the proper attention that they deserve, we will have a more cohesive society that is able to meet its present needs.

A man gives a house to a wife and the woman converts it into a home. Whether a couple will have a house or a home is a question that primarily depends on if you want a wife. All wives are women but not all women can be wives. The society has changed rapidly with postmodernism ideology. So much has changed that even the brightest and intelligent minds have no clarity on the subject of marriage.

However, if you want a wife you must be humble and willing to learn. To save our generation and the coming one from collapsing, there are some things that ought to be unlearned and still much more to learn. Majority of the youths who are ripe for marriage are often excited with the idea of a companion. Nonetheless, emphasis should be on preparedness. In the age conquered by the philosophy of relativism, where there is no such thing as absolute truth, it is difficult to propagate fundamental principles that are necessary for any marriage to be a success.

In any successful marriage, a price has been paid. Patience has been practiced, forgiveness and objective communications have been routinized. It also implies that pride has been crucified. Are the 21st Century youths ready for these? How often have you listened to a person who has mistakenly wronged you express him/herself uninterrupted? If we can sincerely answer positively these questions, we have nothing to be worried about.

Choose character and personality. If you want a wife, you need to consider the character of whom you wish to engage. Marriage is beyond the bedroom and the beauty of a woman. I’m not opposed to beautiful women. Taking a woman you don’t love as your wife is evil. Young men need to be selective and highly sensitive. This will save many families from breaking. The personality of a lady also plays a significant role in the upbringing of children as well as the progress of a home.

Underestimating the power of a woman is a dangerous thing. By natural instincts, women were created to rule men by submission. However, few people are informed about it in our time. With the clamour for women empowerment, the world has subverted God’s original intent. Both men and women are created equal. Nevertheless, what we call women empowerment has far less to offer women as compared to God’s original purpose. In fact, it’s a deception that has taken captive of so many families. We can debate about it but my conscience is clear. There is need to revisit the ideology of women empowerment. It has broken homes and nations. My hardline need not be misunderstood. Education is for all. Everybody, men, and women should be given equal opportunities. To redeem our generation we need to reclaim the old boundaries and forge ahead a path that will bring hope and purpose. This can be achieved through an emphasis on family building, which is only possible if you have a wife.

If you want a wife, be well prepared to be a husband. You get what you deserve. You cannot be served coffee if you went to a restaurant and requested for tea. A man of principle is likely to attract a woman of principle while a ‘loose’ man more likely to attract a ‘loose’ woman. It is a natural and a universal law. One wrong act does not define a person. It’s possible to judge a person by instinct but that is not the standard. A closer examination is needed if one’s character is to be unfolded. Therefore, if you want a wife then you need to take time and closely examine one whom you want to have and hold for life. Raise your standard and you’ll find a woman of equal value. However, extremism should be avoided. A wife is not perfect. David the greatest king of all times in the Bible was imperfect. What made him great was his humility. He accepted his mistakes and openly lamented and repented his wicked ways. In the same way, one need not be defensive even when he/she is wrong. A woman who can be a wife is the one that accepts her mistakes and seeks to improve.

Ambitious and well organized. Visit the house of a young lady and you’ll well know what kind of woman she is. The way the room is arranged, the decorations displayed, the kind of juices and foods in the house portrays it all. You need to pay attention to discover the kind of woman you desire. She who is prepared to be a wife is the one that minds about her own health, her lifestyle, and the influence she has on the surrounding. A wife shapes the character of the children. She has a great role in their mental development. Her likes and dislikes become their own. They can only learn from their mother what she herself possesses. Great care should be taken before marriage if indeed one wants a wife.

Inner beauty is far more precious. While you may choose, take your time. Appearance is deceptive. It has ensnared kings and rulers. If you want to change the world, change yourself first. Be the kind of person the world needs. Above all, choose the right partner. This world would only be repaired by repairing homes.

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