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It is one year now down the line since this blog started to live. One year may sound so young but for someone who keeps content running up here that sounds like a train that has seen centuries.

It is so bad that we ain’t having a birthday or cake cutting ceremony for the same, simply because we are broke. And I am crafting this from a hospital bed after someone who apparently loathes me wanted me dead.

Death beds have their stories too. They have had a fair share of patients with varying diseases. And with them is the resilient spirit, warmth and patience. This is because they have housed patients from all walks of life. You see people go out and collect ailments from their lifestyles and bring it here. As humble as they are, they house them non-grudgingly.

On 20 this month all roads are headed to club in Westlands. In this club someone will be celebrating her birthday.

You see not many of us get upbeat about birthday parties. To some of us bash is,simply a foreign term, and is unheard of because we grew up in the villages where adding a year was more of a norm that an achievement. Herding cows was more important than conceiving an idea close to a birthday party. And I still believe in that.

In this club people will be getting loose. People will be popping champagne and fingers of whisky and malt will be served. Meals will roll down the gullets and boluses will land hard in stomachs.

Waists will drop low and go up,twerking slowly to the tune of cool music. Party animals will be on point to bring life to the event, letting you know that in this world You Only Live Once. The Dj on the decks will be hyping the event with his skills, maddening the fun.

If you have wanted to unwind this year, especially after a failed valentine, this is a place to go. All you need is to dress to kill and set yourself straight to get dirty.

You remember the girl I once told you about, the one who is having her final sem in Strathmore University? You remember me saying how a loyal reader of this blog she is, right?
So Japen Ondieki is our lady of the month. Having earned herself reader of the month, we have decided to crown her as the lady of the month.

On 20th Feb, she will be turning 23. Quite a stride, right? Turning 23, for a lady, is a big deal. It is like a man turning 28, a great reminder that in 2 years or so you need to start a family. So at least you understand how important this occasion is to her. You need to help her celebrate it with style.

Let all the cars roll down to Westie. Let us go and have fun. Hopefully I will be out of this death bed, because I want to be part of the fun.

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