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Welcome to our FEATURED SECTION where we highlight celebrities that you never knew. They are the people that you haven’t heard of, yet they may have influenced your life in one way or another. They paid to get here and showcase what they have.
Meet our premiere appearance with the following Bio:
NAME: JANET Machuka alias Janiey Machuxx)
Student at Moi University
Pursuing Media Science
Aged 21 years
She is a writer (motivational articles, scripts, poems, speeches among other stuff). She has an fb page where she puts into test what she enjoys.
Perfectly completed one motivational book- PAIN IN SUCCESS. She will tell us when it is out.
Her words: “I’m also preparing a QUOTES BOOK and A POETRY BOOK.”
I love singing
Watching movies
Spending time with friends
And making new friends

Perhaps the schools I learnt since my childhood shaped me and gave me the opportunity to identify my talents…for instance back at
MOI KISII PRIMARY SCHOOL I used to participate in Music festivals where I identified my skills in poetry…
Leadership qualities in high school-NAKURU GIRLS-enabled my intelligence in public speaking to broaden and the writing and speaking of motivational quotes among others.
Due to all this little achievements I have managed to work with some motivational writers such as DAVID GOLD-DHAHABU

In additional to that….I have been a Chief editor at THE LEGACY PUBLICATION a MOI UNIVERSITY publication for two academic years now….
I have also done editing of novels and some university literature books.
Instagram: Janiey machuxx
Google plus: JANET MACHUKA…..
Email: machukajanet@gmail.com/machukajanet@yahoo.com
She is just flawless, mouth-watering, and yellow as a banana. You can just look at her and fill in the gaps.

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  1. Thanks. Sounds delicious

  2. Keep soaring to greater heights. My mom told me “The limit is the Sky”.

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