It was only a mango

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As I sat down on that half-wet floor

Streams of strangled wonders paved my mind

My dreams of freedom curtailed behind those grills

My emptiness from friends and acquaintances

I watched the little stuffy room with discontent

Its contents lying still on the floor that served as my bed

I looked up the high roof with gaping holes

The stars staring blankly at my tormentous life.


My thoughts went back and then the future

Maybe tomorrow was my only future existing

My dwindled, emaciated body creaked

Baked in hot sun and long hours of bending

Three canes on my woundy back

I kept trying to forget the trouble tomorrow beheld

The thin white tasteless half-cooked porridge

The bitter leaves and porridge-ugali to come

Long hours of waiting to taste it

Because I was totally hungry.


I kept wandering even more

If the next day I would follow my ally

Into the chambers of death

In there where gas chambers suffocated you

And you had to fight and purr like a lion

For survivals sake rather than painful death.


The list of torture was updated daily

Yet our simple wants were dismissed

For prisoners had no choice of wants, dos and don’ts

Rather their only jobs were to comply to commands.

Respect the totalitarian authority imposed

Yet new circulars administered for change,

The change that was never effected on us prisoners.


False reports were always neatly written

To please the boss who was kept in check

As long as he puts on a blind mask

Not to see the hypocrisy of his juniors

With false pretentious guess

That all was well as long as all was well

Make merry and celebrate.


I hated sleep, jiggers gave me no peace

Bedbugs and fleas invading my privacy

Ruining my honor from the tiresome day’s load

Making my dreams terrible, unbearable

In the presence of lowly esteemed weak neighbors.


I hated living

Drinking water rationed like precious gems

A shower was always out of the picture

Of course no strength to raise a hand and scratch

While I worked the formula of the filthy evening meal

And the blanket less night to come.

Just because I stole a mango………

-photo credit: Dailymail

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