If I could

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If I could flash my memory,
And get rid of you,
I’d do so with glee
To wash off every bit of you in me.
That can only happen with my gadgets,
For I won’t retain my sanity
After drastic memory lapse!

If I could swallow
Some powerful disinfectants,
And dilute the taste of you within,
That trail of sweetness you left behind,
I’d do so gladly.
But impossible I find this to be,
I sure don’t want to kiss death this in favour of it.
I’d rather survive the involuntary quiver in my stomach
Brought by the flashback of your juicy flavour.

If I could block my inner ears
With wax or whatever can clog them
From your candid words,
That made my heart melt like snow
And shone my face with a radiant glow,
Yet all turn out as vanity,
For promises you broke
And failed my soul.
Sadly,such wax can only be bought
From the store I know well in my dreams!

If I could do all that and more,
I’d be the happiest being that ever lived,
I’d be a caged-bird free
And have you cropped off my soul for good.
But all these insurmountable to me
My heart bleeds to discard thee!

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