I want a break

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I want a break
From the noise that fills the air;
  Honking cars
The street robbers
Hurling curses to
Whomever cares to hear,
The nagging cry of the homeless
Always targeting me
To drop a coin to feed their empty tanks
Caring less of my own hustle.
I want a break
A break from the plastic beings
With cold hearts
With bloody hands thirsting for hurt
Beings that thrive in plastic sugar-coated smiles
That barely reach their eyes.
I want a break
An urgent break from the stereotypes around
That have a bucket list
Full of what they think I ought to be
I want a break from these naysayers
That have a routine outlined for me
I want a break
I want a break
From fear
Fear of stepping out of my comfort zone
A break from this malady
This malaria of a procrastination
That fails me from delving
Into the realm of the unknown
Where ME is.
I seek a break
From dry laughter
From pain
From Anger
From toil
From the labour of love
After all,
When all is said and done
Isn’t it vanity?
But I’d still sort a break
From the past
That bygone that refused to be bygone
But chose to be
The demons that haunt me
In broad day light
The hatchet that refused to be buried
The past with the dead
The dead that didn’t say goodbye
The dead that forever dwell among us
I want a break
I need a break
From all the hullabaloo that drives me insane
From that persistent voice inside
That yearns for silence of its kind
And dwell in  the land of serenity
Far and afar
From my present tussle.

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  1. Woow!such a good poem precious.

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