I am the Long Shot

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I am the long shot

I am the one they never saw coming

I am the life beat of a heart once dying

I am the old horse that keeps kicking

I am truth in a world that keeps lying

I am the runner who though the race ends, keeps running

I am the dancer who keeps moving though curtains falling


I am the long shot

I am the raindrop that splits the earth

I am the straw that broke the camel’s back

I am the bullet the vest couldn’t catch

I am the arrow the armor couldn’t stop

I am the pebble that cracked Goliath’s skull

I am the hair grown back on Samson’s head


I am the long shot

I am the manifestation of a revolution

I am the symbol for a generation

I am the underdog who becomes champion

I am Del Monte, picked not just chosen

I am the voice they can’t mum


I am the last of a dying breed

Yet it’s hope that I bleed

I am he whose passion is a creed

Created only by God’s decree


I am the F that made lame hot like Flame

I am G that made low Glow


I am change

I am difference

I am uniqueness


I am wine from the True Vine

I am what you cannot be


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