I am the Long Shot

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I am the long shot

I am the one they never saw coming

I am the life beat of a heart once dying

I am the old horse that keeps kicking

I am truth in a world that keeps lying

I am the runner who though the race ends, keeps running

I am the dancer who keeps moving though curtains falling


I am the long shot

I am the raindrop that splits the earth

I am the straw that broke the camel’s back

I am the bullet the vest couldn’t catch

I am the arrow the armor couldn’t stop

I am the pebble that cracked Goliath’s skull

I am the hair grown back on Samson’s head


I am the long shot

I am the manifestation of a revolution

I am the symbol for a generation

I am the underdog who becomes champion

I am Del Monte, picked not just chosen

I am the voice they can’t mum


I am the last of a dying breed

Yet it’s hope that I bleed

I am he whose passion is a creed

Created only by God’s decree


I am the F that made lame hot like Flame

I am G that made low Glow


I am change

I am difference

I am uniqueness


I am wine from the True Vine

I am what you cannot be


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Is a great thinker, writer, philosopher, poet, photographer, footballer, a student of life and politics, an aspiring mathematician and soon to be physicist. He is imaginative, analytical and highly unconventional. Tells as it is and sees things for what they are rather than what they would rather be.

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