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How do I make money through blogging is a question I get to answer every day because every upcoming blogger seems to be interested in it.  As common as it might sound, it is a very important question because it reaches a time when you need a value for your effort.

To start with, blogging is not a walk in the park as many people imagine. It is a long and tormenting journey that needs constant effort and perseverance. Great counsel on blogging would be to be good at it and money will follow. If you enter blogging for the money, you’ll be utterly disappointed.

It takes months or even years for one to start monetizing their blogs and reaping worthy benefits from this kind of work. Whilst many people take this as a pleasurable and passionate activity, some of us take it seriously as it foots the bills and puts food on the table. So I am going to go straight to the point.

The basic guidelines are:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Develop quality content
  3. Get out of your way and blog to get readers
  4. Engage your readers
  5. Start monetizing your blog

Start a blog

Starting a blog should be easy if you have the technical know-how. While many may be blank on this subject, the job is easier done if you approach a web-developer for consulting. You can easily create a free website on WordPress or even Blogger in a matter of minutes. You only need YouTube to get the basics. You’ll learn more on the way. But it is also important to understand that you can own a domain. However, in doing so, you have to dig into your pockets and pay for it. There are many advantages of owning a blog.  If you need help kindly contact us through

It is up to you now to know where you want to start from. If you don’t have money to have your own domain, better start off with free blogs provided by platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Many beginners start from here.

Develop quality Content

Quality content on your blog is key. It sets the standard and keeps readers coming back. This process entails spending the time to write and rewrite your articles to achieve perfection, clarity, and flow. Good content sells.

Everything depends on your content. If it is fly, be sure you’ll have readers, if it is shoddy and full of mistakes, you’ll lose readers. So take time to develop content. Employ the aid of grammar tools such as Grammarly which offer free services. This will see your content up to the game.

Although it may be a challenging job, keeping your readers glued to your blog can bring a smile on the face. Put in your best and surely it will pay off. Content is at the centre of everything. It should be clear, detailed and captivating. No one will kill you if you use simple language- it is better for understanding purposes.

Market your content

Many bloggers concentrate on the blog rather than on the readers. It is useless to post hundreds of articles on your blog if there is no one reading them. Just like you take time to create quality content, take time to market it so that people can read it.

For you to earn that money- you need staggering traffic on your blog. Your blog cannot generate the traffic or readers by itself, you’re the promoter. Use WhatsApp groups, send it to friends using broadcasts, status, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social platforms you’re in. social media have so many users. These users usually respond to unique content quite fast and share it with others. It is this ripple effect that makes a blogger grow.

If you have money, you can go out of the way to promote your content for a wider outreach on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You have to invest to get what you want.

Let the world know you, know your content and appreciate what you’re doing. Remember every good effort is always rewarded. Every post you make should be marketed adequately. Since doing this on social media is free, use these channels to create your audience.

Engage your audience

Keeping in touch with your audience is a good way to build rapport. In many occasions, your readers are going to comment or ask questions about a thing or another. Do not ignore their feedback. It is what makes you know what they need and how you can meet these demands. Don’t forget to always thank them when they read or comment on your posts- this is one way of appreciating their efforts and they’ll reward you with more readerships and sharing of your articles.

Engaging connects you with your readers and creates some kind of virtual relationship. This kind of relationship can go a big way to making your audience love your work. You need this rather badly.

Monetizing your blog

I know this is what you have been waiting for all along. But it is also important I tackled the above so that you can fully understand the whole package of blogging.

Monetizing a blog is one of the most satisfying things for a blogger who has endeavored to have some payday for their tremendous effort. But is it easy as it seems? Having in mind that you’ve read through all that I have written up there, I guess you now understand that before you start monetizing your blog you must have good traffic on your blog. For you to start earning, or for someone to trust you and decide to advertise with you, they must see evidence of staggering traffic on your blog.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. But the simplest is subscribing with middlemen sites that offer advertising services on behalf of owners of products and services. Such include Adsense (insert link) and Hiltop Ads (insert link). For a starter, this is the easiest. Adsense is owned by Google and it is one of the easiest to subscribe to. They will review your blog once you sign up and apply before they allow you use this service. Hiltop’s only requirement is that your blog must have a traffic of 5k+ readers every day.

These services pay per view or click, depending on the individual company. Many of us start here. But this is not the only way to do it, below is a picture of what you can do to earn money from your blog.

As you can tell, you can do advertising, affiliate marketing, advertise services, events, products and such. But as I say, there is also indirect income from blogging. A blog is supposed to sell and market you and your skills in that people can contact you outside the blog to provide other services. This has been one of my greatest income earners as I can now write for others, mentor bloggers, organize events, talk in events, comment on various national issues, get invited to talk in conferences and workshops, write for the dailies and such. But if you look well, I am earning indirectly courtesy of my blog. So look on the other side too.

When you become popular, advertisers will start approaching you to advertise for them. But this takes time. Clinch the small available opportunities to make money- approach someone having an event and request them to give you a chance to advertise it on your blog, advertise a book, or a seminar nearby. Sometimes you can do it freely, if the outcome is positive, next time you’ll surely land a deal. These free gifts work magic. Do not be limited by these few.


For anyone who thinks that you blog to get paid, this is quite fallacious and misleading. You can only earn by having ads on your blog. So make it work.

In this journey, I wish you all the best. If you have questions, kindly channel them in our comment section, we shall reply promptly.



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