He Loves Competition – IAN TUEI on #TianarThursdays with Mzangila.

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G3LRUB2V1wg7IKlJAjauFgktziBRIcTEdPS_zX4or5E Catching up for the first time on Mzangila.com is Tianar’s Ian Tuei. The non-chalant suave guy from the heart of Nakuru. Here is a recap of how it went down as he talks about whats drives him, charity work and Christianity.
Whats your talent?
Modelling, Swimming
What is your biggest drive?
Competition. I really love competition. I accept no one to defeat me.
Are you a full-time model?
No. I do modelling on part time basis. Am a student at Kenyatta University pursuing an undergraduate degree in public policy and administration.
What challenges do you face in the modeling industry?
The modelling industry in Kenya at the moment is very corrupt. It’s either you’re linked up with the big people or you’re extremely good to be left out. Secondly it’s the bad pay. In Kenya, models are not paid well.
If given the right resources what would you change in the modeling industry
The highly competitive nature of the industry leads to dishonesty and greed. I will ensure that talent is closely observed but not how well one knows the  big people in the modelling industry since there is lots of corruption in the modelling industry.
Can Christianity blend with being a model?
Yes. Modelling and Christianity blend very well as so long as it doesn’t compromise your faith.
Has the word charity become overused?
YES. Most people in the modelling industry today organize charity events only to benefit themselves but not the needy in the society. Charity work should only be done IMG_33254741485632to help the needy in the society.
Whats your opinion on charity work?
No one has ever become poor from giving. Give what you can. A hand that gives is a hand that receives.
There you have it. Clearly, a model with eyes on the prize. Unshaken by current waves in the budding industry.

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Arnold Tuei
Arnold Tuei

A passionate and displined young soul. To the stars and beyond superstar

kennedy njenga
kennedy njenga

nice job my man there…you realy grant me very great motivation,
ill keep going….for you have opend aplatform for”l as …

Brian Sambu
Brian Sambu

Proud of you sir. Go! Go!

Mosioma Nyaosi
Mosioma Nyaosi

Young inspirational Kenyan mind, walk your talk you are a few steps to your destiny

linda chepkemboi
linda chepkemboi

good job sail on because we got you.


great work..soldier on..#Tianaristhebest