Happy New Year 2019

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Happy New Year folks! People see the change of calendars and years when the number of year changes as a hopeful process of getting another chance. Whatever happens in the whole year is considered, observed and analyzed by everyone at the end of the year and then, they are ready to start a new year by following the rules they make for themselves or some resolutions and trying to stay on the right path. I’d very much like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2019. It is the right thing to say to someone you haven’t met since the sun rose on the first day of the year. It has become a ritual to say so. But when I think of it, no one really means any of that crap except our mothers. They are only words we are programmed to say whenever its new year. That is why I made a resolution not to text anyone or forward those over hyped ‘happy new year’ messages that fill our phones throughout the first week of the year. All in an attempt to try and tear myself away from all the hypocrisy, fake promises, fake smiles and insincere proclamations. I no longer wish to be part of the senseless exchanges of ‘happy new year’ texts that mean nothing.

But if anyone did text me, I made sure I did send one back too. In all fairness, it would be rude, even for someone who made a resolution like mine not to reply when texted. Let’s just call it courtesy. It never really goes away, does it? However, I really don’t see the point of actively participating in the ‘avoiding each other Olympics’ all year long and then reappearing with a happy new year text and then going back to whatever dungeon you emerged from and assume we are still friends. I don’t take that seriously. It reeks insincerity, pretension, hypocrisy and all the makings of an artificial circumstantial friend. And I am not doing this kind of lying to self from this day henceforth. That is my resolution. Its new year and I would very much like to believe you all made resolutions even if you know you will not live up to them or you’ve already broken some in less than a week into the year. You have plenty of time to make amends. In any case, it’s only four days gone.

So if you are my friend and you are reading this, please do not send me that message if you don’t really mean it. In fact, don’t send them at all! I will not hold it against you in the course of our interactions or anywhere in the course of our very long lives. And if I did not text you, it is because our interactions and correspondence are meant to continue just the way they have been. However, there are those I did not text and am not planning to text. These are ones I refer to as ‘WhatsApp Status friends’. The ones that only keep your number just to view your WhatsApp statuses and silently keep tabs on you. The ones that cannot stand not knowing what is happening in your life. Let us call them ‘fans’ for the purposes of this article because I do not want to label them ‘haters’- the evidence against them is only circumstantial at the moment.

I would like to pass a message to them on this platform that our journey has come to its unfortunate end and I will not be tolerating any more “nitumie hii” texts from you. It was nice knowing you but our next-to-zero interactions are not really my thing anymore and as such I have decided to terminate your viewer-ship of my WhatsApp status. So, in that light, do not be surprised when I ask who you are next time you text. Just know that you have been forgotten and people have moved on.

Deep down I do wish all my friends well. I actually prayed for all of them and mentioned them by name in that first prayer I made in church during that new year ‘kesha’ that the Christ faithful’s go to. It was a really long and sincere prayer. I also silently hoped that in that moment, a friend remembered me and mentioned me in their prayer by name. I’m sure my mother did as she does with all her children. She is the only person I do not doubt has my best interests at heart. It is still okay if you made that prayer in a club with bottle of whiskey in your hand instead of a Bible. I’m sure there must have been an angel just loitering around in the club waiting for those drunken souls to confess and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior when they are just about to KO.

Real friends check on each other from time to time. They wish each other well throughout the year without really minding what month it is. Real friends don’t really mind if you never texted them ‘happy new year’ because they know you will be there when they need you anytime of the year. They find a way to make up for it and it doesn’t really matter when. They don’t have to call you or text you on the very first day of the year for you to know they care. You know they are rocks in your life that cannot easily be carried away by the wind of life. You know because there is something you share with them that holds you together even when you are apart. You know because there is a connection between you that you don’t have with other people. You know because real friends are not really defined by how many texts they send in a day or how many calls they make in a year or even how much far apart you really are.

So this year, I decided I will not wish anybody anything. But I will give you free advice. This new year, keep pressing forward, be positive toward yourself, develop better relationships, form better habits, embrace the place where you are, develop your inner life, stay passionate about life and your life will certainly improve. For health, pay your NHIF contribution, see the doctor, eat well and work out. For money, go to work and sharpen your hustle even more. For love, try and meet new people and you might just find THE ONE, then go ahead and be honest and sincere in your relationships. For success, work hard, be patient and uphold perseverance. Nothing comes easy. For happiness, make your friends and neighbors happy. For salvation, trust God and do his will (as hard as that might be). For finances, have a budget in everything you want to do and be responsible in 2019.

I know I have not apologized or explained to our readers the reason for being away for the last two months. I owe you both an apology and an explanation. Mzangila Snr has kept everyone busy and entertained, I included, and held everything together while I was away and for that would very much like to thank him for his patience and understanding. There exists an implied contract between a writer and the readers and consistency happens to be one of the clauses in this contract. I have violated this clause a number of times for various reasons. I however do not want to be like the boyfriend or husband who disappears for the whole weekend or even months and then comes back expecting to be forgiven without questions. I therefore express my sincerest apologies and an explanation to follow in my next article next week. See you then.

Yours truly,


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