Chronicles: Is cupid dead?

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“Your grandfather is a proud man,” grandma said as she peeled my yam.

“How did you manage for sixty years?  You are very lucky.”

“Why do you say that?”

I had a lot of answers to that seemingly innocent question. My choice of words had to be wise though so as to avoid a long lecture of how the dot com generation is doomed.

“These days there is no love that lasts for sixty years let alone twenty!”

She took a large bite of her yam and washed it down with a gallop of milk. That statement was sad but true. Where is that Romeo and Juliet love? Instead of people dying out of love they die of love. News headlines are less of lasting love stories instead it is full of love stories that end with deep knife stabs to the heart.

“There is love my child. Real love is deep within us covered with greed, impatience, pretence and iced with no morals.”

“Did you love grandpa when you married him?”

“No, I eventually did. It took me a lot of patience and understanding.”

She was right. Love today is full of greed. It is all about sex, money and power. According to my mum all men cheat. Moreover they are life givers .The urge to give life shoots everywhere in there bodies so if the wife is not around…. – just a thought. The bible says love is patient. How can we be patient for anything whiles all we know is Cinderella did not put any effort to get married to a prince? Why can not I go to a ball drop a sandal and a prince come looking for me? Sleeping beauty was lazy but had a fairy tale. Another kissed a frog and voila! A prince! The tales that raised us say we just have to snap our fingers and our wishes come true. In most situations we are not willing to wait and later regret and whine that there is no love.

Women can fake orgasms men can fake relationships. In our midst we have foxes in sheep skin. There is nothing that hurts more than putting your hundred percent only to realize it was a game.  The society is rotten and deteoriating day by day.  We have less people to look up to. Most families lack a father who decided to plant a seed and leave. Violent nights and days, mothers abandoning children, children hanging themselves.Where is the love?

“If only you could not forget your God and where you came from there will always be love in your heart.” She said.

“Grandma a woman has to be independent first,”

“You women of today have really high expectation on men. How about working with what you have!” She said shaking her head.

“We try,”

“Try harder. Love does not come easily .You do not expect to get an eligible man if you open your legs to everyone…”

“Grandma!!” I interrupted.

“Yes it’s true. Respect yourself. Let me go get ready before the ceremony starts. “She said leaving.

Cupid is not dead. He strikes but we are blinded by so many dark things and making wrong decisions. My girlfriend claims cupid strikes one person sometimes or strikes wrong .He strikes with a blind fold because love is blind. I would like to invite you to my sixtieth anniversary as my grandma. I sill believe in love. We are lost but love is not lost. I am Charity Moraa and single. Call me maybe.


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  1. Thats a good piece Charity, nice ending kwanza

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