Post Views = 1203You all understand quite unarguably that valentine is just around the corner. Since you all understand what valentine implies, I think you know what to expect. Valentine is just a few days, waiting like a Taliban in a hideout waiting for the right time to strike the enemy. Valentine is a special day, though not in the …

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Mum dies

Post Views = 2872DISCLAIMER! I am unhappy to inform you that the content provided in this story might be disturbing. Coming into close contact with it may be traumatizing, and may cause emotional outburst. It is a total manifestation of bizarre, especially to the emotionally unstable readers. Happy reading.   In life we are not born equal. We are distinct …

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Post Views = 2441I really have a lot to tell about college. College is one place that gives you basic experience, it moulds and cheers you up. It has its negative side. It can break you, it can crash you bigtime like a tornado. The big fuss about college is not graduating. There are many tiny determinants that assemble your …

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