Money and Power

Post Views = 31826 Now the story below is going to sound like science fiction or a script from an American badass movie. Well, I don’t care but what I can tell you is that it is a long read. Brace yourself for 11 minutes plus of reading. When you have money, you have power. When you have power, everybody …

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Love can do it

Post Views = 34973 Before you begin to look for my hand, let me tell you that I cut it. I am not likely going to be writing soon because of that. And if you’re asking how I managed to write this prelude, it is because you’re not technologically woke enough as you might think to be. Whoever wrote the …

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First dates

Post Views = 12745 I do realize that that my creative mojo isn’t back yet. Therefore, I am not going to treat you with endless stories for a while. My neighbour, Njeri, has lately commented on the same because I always pass my material through her before it ends up here. She doesn’t have a good editing hand, but she …

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Down the lane

Post Views = 10607 I am a sadist. I thrill in other people’s downfalls. I find joy in seeing other people drown in anguish. That, oils my heart with pleasure. I cannot trace the beginning of this mess as I didn’t have much to do with it as a youngster. One thing I remember in my yester years is being …

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Post Views = 7050 I think right now most of us are having money problems. I know so because I am also in the same predicament, grappling with the current hard times where I don’t have to think hard about the boxers I wear because I can’t afford to buy more to supplement the two pairs I got right now. …

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From Bushman

Post Views = 5660 The kids in my new plot call me bushman. Bloody kids! It’s not a bad name, if you take it gently, lightly and warmly with love as it comes from kids. If it came from adults, then I’d have taken great offense, and even refused to eat or pee for a full moon until they take …

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