Blind dates? Let’s do it.

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By John Untamed

Life is a twist and just when you think you have had enough, something enticing, something entertaining comes up. Yeah. I know you probably couldn’t agree more. Just when I am on the verge of giving up on blind dates, an email notification pops up on this chilly Wednesday evening. You could have taken it for normal spams that flood computers but hey! And alas! It was the start of a long, how do I even put it…endearing kind of an encounter.

I like the chase, the experience and the surprises that come with blind dates both online and offline. But it is the thrill, the adrenaline and the hype that comes along that is to die for. When I first checked in the website and got held hostage by this overwhelmingly impressive   profile of a “Single and free to mingle” lady, I instantly knew there was something special about her. I mean, there had to be! Simple but not too reckless, a patronizing demeanor yet she looked so approachable. I made contact.

The obvious switch of communication media happened faster than I thought. We had to keep it on the first lane. To the handy gadgets and the next thing I knew we were having conversations of the century in our own paradise made by just two of us. Calls after calls graced my usually gloomy evenings. We texted till our fingers went sore while our WhatsApp walls went awash with sizzling and occasionally naughty pictures. I could even bet that my health was on its upward curve. The Friday yes! I did not suggest the date. She did. All I did was the affirmation.

I usually applaud myself for lack of fear. I got the gusto of an expertise. After all, isn’t it the effortlessness to approach things that keep us hooked to life? At that moment, all I wanted was to see my miss destiny. I had called her all the sugary names there is in the world over that one memorable week. Then she called before I did. But my earlier boldness melted into thin air the moment I saw who she was. In fact, it did not just vanish. It vanquished faster than methylated spirit on an open palm. My office boss, the director, stood before me with that look on her face that required an expert sign reader to interpret: a mixture of fright, amusement and disbelief. Her phone held midair she mumbled my alias name. I will confess to you the reader that at no point in my   life that I will reveal my identity to a stranger for such business dealings as these. She proved to be more like me. Our first sentences were ‘Yah! Of course!’ And she was obviously embarrassed to see me. In fact,   more than I can describe here. That’s when I realized that my time to take charge had come.

As I led my catch to a candle-lit dinner table, warm quick   flashes of pleasure went through my head, my belly, bowels and my knees buckled so that I thought a love cyclone had swallowed me. All my entire time since I joined InfoTech Solutions Ltd I had admired my director. Admire is even an understatement. I practically drooled over her since forever. Damn! She was my crush and here she was. All mine.

It was the first time I saw my boss surrender to orders. My orders. I didn’t know whether the light in her eyes was as a result of my presence or the dramatic turn of events. All I knew was that she enjoyed and could cry forever for   more. And I just decided to make a name for myself. No one could have sufficiently made me believe that blind dates can yield so well. But now, I stand corrected.

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  1. Nice one, for a moment there i thought the date wasnt going to be as you expected. You got me there

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