Behind The Sins

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She saw in his eyes something
Something beguiling
Something her naive mind couldn’t behold
Something about how dark they seemed
Something about how cold his gaze felt
How chilly his moods
How within the calm, there came the thrill that moved her to embrace her own emptiness
She knew something lay in the void of his heart
Something wild, something buried
Her treasure to unearth
And she knew
What had to be done.

He had had his moments
For a few seasons ahead of her, he had traversed
Like every other teenager those days,
Had tried and tested, then tested again
Perched on a few trees and probably nested
Knew a thing or two, about hearts and how to woo
A few years younger, wouldn’t be too bad
Plus the way she looked at him
Like he was, some precious stone
Like there was a rainbow in the ferocious storm
In his eyes, and a pot of gold
For her to find.
He yearned control,
And knew what had to be done

Having been there, he showed her
On the pathways to passion became her chauffeur
Blew her mind, with emotions she hadn’t known
Took her depths and had her drown
Imprinted himself onto everything she felt
And kindled the flames and flares
He showed her the ropes and she got so entangled
That she couldn’t move, unless he said
That she couldn’t breathe, when he was in range
Showed her, all the things
Except the dirt, behind the sins

He and she
Somehow became they
The wildest dreams, you could portray
The best in her,
The best in him, the much she saw
How he filled her once empty heart
How the light in him she did ignite
How she had no doubts, that it would last, to the last of days

One can start a fire during winter
And enjoy the warmth
Bask in the glow and for a minute forget the cold
But, winter’s winter
And as the ice keeps falling
The fire needs wood, constant logging

She wanted him
She wanted him to keep on indulging her
She wanted him to want her again
She wanted things as crazy as they used to be
Before she had known,
She wanted assurance to what she had known all along
She knew his words ran short, but still wanted to hear him say it over and over
For she was a girl
And his silence wasn’t helping either
Why wasn’t he about her
Somehow they had become her
She was all of a sudden in a relationship with their past
Like all those years had bore no meaning
All those good moments weren’t good enough to fight for
Like she wasn’t worth dreaming of
Like her shoulders weren’t good enough leaning on

She has since become a free spirit
And covers ground
Gets ground
Flies with the wind, lives on instinct
Telling herself nothing can hold her back
Tells me life is short,
Insists on capturing the moment
Behind the pretty face and the smile
Behind the philosophies and the lies
I know lies the explorer
Behind all she does, she seeks elsewhere what she once knew
Behind the sins lie the emptiness
Behind the sins sit some hope, that somehow those embers will be rekindled.

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  1. The flow of words here entangled me! Keep it up man.

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