Battle Scars

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In the world of galaxies, astronomy or even logistically a hero and a healer are not a perfect match. Well, maybe if they work on their shortcomings and accept each other as they are nothing much can come from that hook up. My hero possesses most of the warrior and leader bravado that she is supposed to. It was an excitement over my boring healer silent life. I think my nature is mostly misunderstood. My kind is deemed uptight, a bore in the sack not to mention the virgin symbol that worsens the situation. The hero thrilled me, still does despite the wounds behind her facade. She wasn’t the first warrior to cross my path desperately seeking rest from the battle. I always expect it to be a quick touch, a quick word…you know doing my job but it always ends up being deeper.They end up falling for my cool demeanor and the stability from my earth element and I end up falling harder for their reckless and fearless nature.
I am quite accepting of all kinds of personalities, hey…I’m an earth element and the four other elements are water, fire and air, pretty blend-able if you ask me. The heroes posses the fire element which I have been attracted to my whole life. I let them set fire on me..I love the stir of excitement it brings to my quite calm life. They never think before taking action you know. If they want to start fire whenever and wherever they do it regardless of whom it will burn and boy don’t I dig that! You have no idea how I’m always calculating the proactive and active measures before I begin anything. It’s boring ,I know, cause who wants to take care of the details but remember I’m an earth element and a healer,such responsibilities have to be carefully planned lest you fuck up the whole damn system. Moreover, fire signs are cardinals and I am a mutable. Cardinals create and mutable change things. Did lose you? Okay, let’s go back a little bit. The zodiac has twelve signs which are divided into three signs that represent our dominant characteristics .Pretty much what we came to contribute to the world eventually. These three are cardinal, fixed and mutable signs. The cardinals are the creators the fixed stick to what the cardinals invented and the mutable change the whole process when it gets old or becomes more harm than good which brings us back to the cardinals hence revolution. Amazing right? These kinds of differences couldn’t let us make it in the end. With time I felt less and less fulfilled by the hero. She came and left as she pleased and the unpredictable nature set me off balance. When I told her I needed healing too at times she stayed to heal but always had to go and battle just as I began getting comfortable. I maintained my loyalty waiting for her to show up with the scars again so I can heal her and she could blaze her fire on me warming my soul. Soon, she leaves again and I wait craving for the fire…it got old.

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Why do we do that though? They tell us how they want to be loved…You know text me back more…appreciate me…show up..but we carry on loving them how we think they want to be loved. With time I picked up on my trend of attraction towards the heroes. It is always a dead end and I was tired. Law of attraction says we attract who we are so part of that whole scenario was on me. I needed to work on myself ,be better. You have no idea how the these heroes have a similar characteristics though. I have like seven people that fall on that sign and they are alike on how they handle everything. It’s interesting when what you have learnt or your analogy comes to life.
Lately I am attracting water signs; again I am an earth sign so when earth combines with water…you get the picture. Things are better now because this people complete me. We see things on almost the same spectrum and their kindnesses heal my wounds. I decided that the heroes made good friends but not companions, at least not to me. When they cross my path I deliver what’s needed with no attachment whatsoever and everybody lives happily ever after. When I’m having girl talk with my girlfriends some of them analyze their trend of lovers and get excited having dated lets say six different guys over a span of time who share the same birth month. Like dude you have been dating the same people over and over then complain that all men are the same!Besides, that could mean you need to evolve yourself that is if you are always complaining over attracting the same people who don’t make you happy. Not sure you understood this whole theory but get to know your astrology sign. Whether you like it or not there is more than what the bible told us. There is a system that runs the world nothing is coincidence or luck. Although that whole theory may imply you don’t really have free will it describes your positive nature and your negative nature and encourages you to uphold the good and evolve the bad.In the right light make your own path and create your own fate and whats the best way to do that if not by understanding where you come from and how things work.

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