Back to business: Mzangila for vice president

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#Schooltings editions

Being back to school sounds, smells and is out rightly cool. All around me activity is buzzing. Backs are swaying heavily, arms are swinging and books are massaged with suave. The only noises around me are of those pages being flipped in lecture rooms and libraries, coupled with shuffling of feet on the streets of this institution as students move from one destination to the other. All that echoes and percolates my mind is the language of books, seriousness of mathematicians and the whispers from small discussions from groups scattered here and there.

It feels good I must say. In the midst of these entire buzz, I the new soul is wandering solemnly, greeting every stranger in the hope of making new friends. I am somehow new, and a few faces are always looking at me with contempt.

When I look across the lawns and streets of this school, they are no longer the streets I used to rule. They no longer recognize me. Things have changed. It has been one year, just a year but all around me looks like it underwent a drastic transformation. This transformation suggests a small allusion that time never waited for me. It moved its heels so steadfastly while I was away.

A few faces still remember me. A few hugs, a few chuckles, a few pats and hellos cut through the winds. Some few faces wear newer and nicer smiles after seeing me. They are grateful that the king is back, maybe to carry on the mantle because somehow it had stalled when he was away. Others still the same tough faced maybe worried what the hell brought me back. Hell yeah, others thought I had gone for good. The old adage still has significance that the final resolution will land you home.

In school there is no sound if ice cubes as they hit hard on the glass. There is no sound of brandy, champagne or whiskey. Memories made here last, just with a sound of a cool woofer or subwoofer in the keja. Brotherhood and sisterhood is more practical. The sound of realism works best.

Words like, sleepovers, booze, books, assignments, tutors, lecturers and lec halls, lib, Smartphone, laptops, WIFI and the likes dominate every single conversation. HELB furnishes the rest of the sentences. It is the only term that holds both joy and sadness.

Here money does not exchange hands frequently. Books and print outs do. All is just a cool process. All around each individual trying to show what they got to show the world: pretty face, nicely done nails, an expensive wig, elegant dress, ostentatious lifestyle, laptop, popular Smartphone, brilliance, handsomeness and huge butt. All these count in one way or another.

Murmurs are a common phenomenon, clattering of cutlery in the mess too, and random movement, all becoming the centre of my world. It is a new world, yet not so surprisingly cussed. I have to blend in, make camouflage and run the streets once more the way I used to.

I am sorry that from now on we may be wallowing in this world. I know you will miss the world out there, but at the same time I understand that you would love to be reminded of the olden good days when you were in college. So sit tight and let us roll this edition #schooltings in one peace. It is my current context.

So something is trending. Leave alone the blogging and the fame in these streets. Word has it that now Mzangila is going for an elective post. You see this varsity needs change. For change to be effected, committed leaders should be elected to office. Such leaders who from deep in their hearts have the will and the drive to fight for the comrades’ rights. That is the defining course, and the moment is here.

MZANGILA FOR VICE PRESIDENCY.  These are the streets I used to rule. This is my town. And I have been at the forefront in fighting for the freedoms and rights of the comrades since day one. It is the spirit that has never left me.


It doesn’t sound that serious, does it? Of course not. But the reality is true. I believe that we all have dreams that we want to nurture and accomplish. For one to do so, they have to go out of their comfortable skin and walk on the dusty paths to the tarmac road. It is the course I am trailing, just a social responsibility.

It is high time you gave me support in this. This is just a highlight of the turn of events as we approach the material day when the campaigns will be launched. As my readers, what more should a man like me ask of you? Thank you……

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Alex Maina

thats a boisterously bold step. You got my vote, you deserve it because you have always been the zest in our school life. We will campaign and vote fore you. welcome back our King.


Stylish comeback.. U got my support Mzangila