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A Letter to Mzangila – Yes

Post Views = 1841Should You Date A Model? YES, You should, and you can date a model, you can even marry one if you want. Models are dated all over the world and are getting married like normal people. Wait, did I say normal, scratch that. Models get married like the rest of the people. So yes, you should date …

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The Stronghold of Beauty – Miss World Tharaka-Nithi crowned

Post Views = 1844The pageantry industry in Kenya has taken on a brilliant new turn with the Miss World Kenya franchise. Normally we would wait till a month or less to crown a beauty with unmatched brains to represent Kenya at the Miss World title competition held annually. Last weekend saw a massive county auditioning and crowning at Gskyye Lounge, …

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James Wakibia – Why he is a trendsetter!

Post Views = 1319James Wakibia is a brand. A name you have heard lately pursuing the best there can be regarding the environment now and in the future. Today on #TianarThursday we would like to give a special opportunity this non-chalant activist’s story on #IsupportBanPlasticsKe . Yes Plastics are a nuisance!!! In His Words: “Plastic bags thinner than 60 microns …

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Face of Naivasha Project on #TianarThursdays

Post Views = 2212Daisy Osodo is not your typical wait-for-success kind of woman, she is your unmatched hardworking-go-getter woman. Its because of her that we have a topic today. The Face of Naivasha franchise! A locally run project in the town of Naivasha Kenya, engaged in matters youth empowerment and employment, social¬†initiatives, pageants and lots more niceties. Over 4 years …

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Garden of Hope

Post Views = 1601Down the gut slithers my sip of Cuban coffee, Its sweetness tantalizing my taste buds, Here I am, daydreaming of a garden tree, The thought of it attacks my medulla oblongata, And it fails to fire any synapses to make me breathe.   Almost I choke on my imagination, Blurred by a sad conviction, My garden tree, …

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Picture-perfect, For?

Post Views = 2398All those fancy dressers, suits, tuxedos matching on the hangers, all that pressure, the mere measure on what it took to be picture perfect. Young to old. Mushroom to mould. All creatures placed on the only lively planet. That life they may get and beget. And then fill their closets of pure vanity. Bobby pins held tight …

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