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The life that I never asked for

Post Views = 2001The following happens between 7.48 pm to 12.19pm. Events occur in real time. For lack of a better story. Sunday A WhatsApp conversation between Mzangila and Tamara. You recall Tamara from last year?She was Mzangila’s client in a six-months-long fitness programme. This is a catch up between the two. Punctuation marks and other grammar rules have been …

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She died for two months, woke up with a missing arm

Post Views = 3028One day on December 2014, Darcy lost her left hand at their residence in Kileleshwa.  She was just 21, on the eve of Christmas when she and her friends decided that a party had to go down to welcome Jesus to the world. Before, holding parties was a norm, but this one was what she calls ‘mpango …

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An Open letter to Vera Sidika

Post Views = 2185Until recently, I had never seen Vera Sidika’s photos because I don’t read Ghafla, Tuko, Mpasho or follow any celebrities associated with her. I keep my reading circle small as it is only then that I can get the best of what I am reading. Furthermore, the blogosphere, especially the aforementioned blogs, are full of gossip- something …

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In a whacky world, where to start from

Post Views = 1859I slip into a dark green trouser, pull a white t-shirt out of my case, throw a crisp white shirt I’ve only worn twice (during my graduation and during a meeting that I was meant to impress, I lost the deal anyway) over it, round a black tie and throw a light grey official coat over all …

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I wanted to be a rapper

Post Views = 2258“Growing up as a young man, my dream was to be the best rapper in the world,” Says Isabirye Jonathan Collins from the land of Museveni. “All I would do in high school was composing rap songs and presenting to the audiences at school.” As he tells me this, I wonder if this really matters at this …

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In the hut of Mara, and the medicineman

Post Views = 2079“Hello,” I answer the phone. The number is new so my voice is somewhat inaudible. You know the way you respond to a new number while trying to see if you can make anything familiar from the voice on the other end? A very long read ahead. “Hello Justine. My name is Roebuck and I would need …

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