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The life in this hole

Post Views = 4300The tendency of becoming lazy didn’t start to court me recently. Over the years, it has been tagging at the hem of my coat. Fate has hurled laxity at my face every time I seemed to get subtle. And this has always made me to regress, and become that person that is not me. It makes me …

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My struggle with homosexuality

Post Views = 4660What is a man? What is he not? Is he less of a man if he likes another man? What does it feel like to not want the world to know who you truly are? How do you live as a different person while feeling you should live like another? Obviously, it is a treacherous ordeal to …

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The life of a writer

Post Views = 3737Today’s post will be brief for some reasons I will explain in this post. Perhaps it will be the shortest post I’ve ever done on this blog. There’s always a first time for everything, right? Ideally, I wanted to do my usual 2500 words plus. But I am running against time. I have a kill to get …

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Across the bridge

Post Views = 2786There are days you wake up empty. The creative juices run dry at times, many times in deed. As Murphy’s law opines, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.. In my recent life, many things are wrong. And when I weigh my life on a scale, the bad seem to be winning. At this moment, therefore, …

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A place where the village remembers

Post Views = 5570Back then when I was growing, love was sought with monstrous effort. The telephone was just arriving in the big cities and towns around, owned by ‘big people’ in government or companies that had sharpened their saws enough. This is to say that communication in the village was mostly verbal, the face to face kind. Having grown …

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Kenyatta National Hospital: Where patients go to die

Post Views = 2680Obviously, Kenyatta National Hospital is the biggest referral hospital in the country. Therefore, it is good to start off by saying that it receives a number of patients on a daily basis who need medical attention. And many people look up to this hospital as a savior because it is deemed to have some of the best, …

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