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A place where the village remembers

Post Views = 5124Back then when I was growing, love was sought with monstrous effort. The telephone was just arriving in the big cities and towns around, owned by ‘big people’ in government or companies that had sharpened their saws enough. This is to say that communication in the village was mostly verbal, the face to face kind. Having grown …

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Kenyatta National Hospital: Where patients go to die

Post Views = 2489Obviously, Kenyatta National Hospital is the biggest referral hospital in the country. Therefore, it is good to start off by saying that it receives a number of patients on a daily basis who need medical attention. And many people look up to this hospital as a savior because it is deemed to have some of the best, …

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Daring abroad

Post Views = 11745After 7 hours and 15 minutes, a Qatar Airways plane lands on London Heathrow Airport terminal 4. The non-stop journey from Doha makes me feel enthusiastic as well as excited because of two things. First, it is my first time to be in London and secondly, I will lay my eyes to the most treasured woman on …

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Your sanity comes first

Post Views = 2353Last Wednesday I was standing at the window facing west of Nairobi in a building. Inside this room at Bazaar building in town, there is a red carpet on which my legs are pressed against and the wide clear window panes provide such panoramic, breathtaking view of the city and its tall buildings.  My hands are in …

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Old times in a new era

Post Views = 5018 I joined my old man in the front porch. I pulled the chair next to his and sat on it while my old man took calculated sips of evening tea loudly. He looked ahead and only his ears were aware of my presence. Before us a breathtaking evening sun in a huge yellow ball being swallowed …

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Why can’t God give me a good wife?

Post Views = 4188We sit on a bed. Something that could make a decent 3 by 6 bed, with a new mattress on it. The bed sheet and the duvets are tucked away neatly and placed where the pillow is supposed to rest, meaning the owner doesn’t have one. Tucking beddings is the easiest way of coping with organization if …

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