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A close shave

Post Views = 6996I walked into Sarova Stanley a few days ago, late in the evening to meet a special client. It happens that most of my loyal clients are women. As a man who’s known to shift goal posts, trying to find himself in the events of juggling tens of careers, I end up seizing any opportunity that comes …

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We shall rise

Post Views = 21964One morning in the fall of September 2001, Andreas’ father left home, only never to return. For a period of twelve years, Mr Harrington had worked for the FBI under a special branch of covert operatives who penetrated gangs, drug empires, criminal organizations and other syndicates to collect intelligence. The FBI would then use this intel to …

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Post Views = 18836Most of my lady friends belong to the age bracket of 20-22 years. It is the other day I realized that I have asked almost all of them a similar question. How does it feel like being 21? Being 26, I must have forgotten what it felt like when I was 21. And whenever I talk to …

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Long lost

Post Views = 3682So far, 2018 has been a difficult year. I have no clue about how you feel, but to me the ride has been exhausting. The year started on a high note as I had promising prospects in life and career. Today as I retrospect, there’s barely nothing to smile about this journey so far. The truth is …

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The lost also find way

Post Views = 5430It is a well known fact, even to me, that I make a terrible lover. Love, to a man of my calibre, has always been a challenge for reasons unknown even to me. It is , therefore, not disturbing to me that I can’t amount to anything that requires two people. Relationships have been a tough call …

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The inside story: Friends, fame and downsides

Post Views = 5593There is usually a crop of strange people among my friends. These are the ones who think and feel that we’re not friends enough because I don’t write about them on this blog. That is how they want me to prove that our friendship is solid; that I should feature them once in a while, and create …

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