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A long distance father

Post Views = 3229THE LONG DISTANCE FATHER I love her and it is the beginning of everything. I wonder how you would interpret this short statement. I equally wonder what kind of queries that you will be asking. While you continue wondering why and how loving she is the beginning of everything, I must admit that I miss my mommy. …

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A day in the life:It’s my birthday

Post Views = 1478It is not one of those days that a smile just placates itself on my face. It is rather a nasty day, when you wake up with various frustrations that life has manifested upon your head. The first thing you do in the morning is that you do not feel like waking up, neither do you feel …

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My life on a couch

Post Views = 3714Have you ever sat down and thought of the little tiny stuff that made your life wholesome? Did you ever imagine that some things could count in your life? I am one individual who gets disturbed by tiny things that come with life, I have complaining issues and I do not let them go easily. I can …

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Mum dies

Post Views = 3260DISCLAIMER! I am unhappy to inform you that the content provided in this story might be disturbing. Coming into close contact with it may be traumatizing, and may cause emotional outburst. It is a total manifestation of bizarre, especially to the emotionally unstable readers. Happy reading.   In life we are not born equal. We are distinct …

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