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The barber

Post Views = 4177There is always something cheeky when a new barber lands a shaving machine on your head, worse still on your chin to shave your beard. It is a cold moment for us men. Suddenly you become tense, nervous and very impersonal. And the intrinsic value you have for that barber at that moment reels out of you, …

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Mzangila Writing Competition II

Post Views = 887MZANGILA WRITING COMPETITION GUIDELINES Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed to write anything, or else your submission will be rejected. OBJECTIVES To promote young talent in the writing world. To provide a platform for the upcoming writers, where they can pitch their creativity. To award and motivate top notch writers. To nurture, raise and sell …

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The Nairobian madness

Post Views = 1679The first time I heard of chipo I was in form one after getting out of the village for high school. It was the first time for me to come across chips, which in our school was famously known as njiva. Njiva was the talk of the school, especially by the dudes who were on constant trips, …

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Do it with a difference!

Post Views = 1259 Today I woke up so early. I don’t remember the last day I was up this early. My stomach was tight and rumbling. Beneath my navel it hurt. I turned and rolled in bed trying to ease the pain. I looked up to the ceiling with flooded thoughts. Bitter tears oozed from my eyes and for …

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Love me

Post Views = 1536                       By Elizabeth Quinn Everyone says “av neva felt this way before” Well not me. I won’t lie have felt this way before, I have had someone’s words run through my thoughts, I have hugged someone and wished I could sink my way through his heart, I have had my lips …

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I’m just a girl.

Post Views = 1211She is lovable. She has curves. She originates from the inclines of Mount Kenya, where women are destined to be naturally beautiful. Each man adores her. Man when it comes to behaviour, she is the kind of woman you can’t thank your predecessors for. Each morning I bring a stool to the gallery (balcony). Here is my …

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