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Meet the gang

Post Views = 2274We haven’t talked for two straight years. She is my cousin. I was going through my whatsapp contacts looking for a nice damsel to chat with since I am in singlehood and really liking it, when I came across her contact. By the way I am no guy who looks at other people’s photos or status updates …

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Tales of the silent

Post Views = 1211One day you are going to wake up and she’ll be gone. Breast cancer will have eaten all her breasts and nerves, and brains and blood, she won’t breathe at all. She will be motionless. Her world will be different. You will gasp. Your jaws will drop and you won’t have the courage to bend and collect …

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Get your damn house

Post Views = 1958Stop what you are doing. Just stop. Kindly pull a chair and let us have a small invaluable chat. Collect yourself, have a seat and like wise men seated around a pot of busaa, let us stopping drinking the brew and deliberate on this thing called living with relatives. I wouldn’t go wrong if I said that …

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The heartbreak

Post Views = 1331THE HEARTBREAK THAT LASTED A WEEK Talk of love affairs and we are glad to listen and quest for more. Talk of heartbreaks and someone else somewhere is happy that you are now single and they can have a shot pinned on your ass. And that is how the story goes. It is either you are running …

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Post Views = 1208out into the streets I look, sore in the throat with dry tears I hung my head, hoping for a better day The payday I wait, to settle my debts and with guilt I still wait, looking down on earth Confusion cloaks all over me.   At the far end I know I’m right, yet not chastity …

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Welcome to the world Calvin

Post Views = 1812WELCOME TO THE WORLD BOY. I am sitting on a wooden chair in some dump joint in Kona mbaya. Not the one that Inspekta Mwala operates in during his frantic efforts to search for criminals and indicte them. No. It is a different Corner, with a C at the start. Corner is sandwiched between Naivasha Road and …

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