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Am Done With Socialites!

Post Views = 2950By Jonnmajor untamed   She   said she was okay with a humble life And I was quick to promise heaven right here on earth The thought was elating, chilling, comforting and rife I had finally netted a socialite! We can make Romeo and Juliet, she asserted I felt like I was high on morphine   First it …

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My love letter to Malia Obama

Post Views = 6667Justine C.M. Mzangila +254716503589 May 29, 2015. Dear Malia Obama, REF: TIGHT RELATIONSHIP PROPOSAL THAT MAY EVENTUALLY LEAD TO SERIOUS MARRIAGE. I assume that you will excuse my assumption in thus addressing you without having gotten your authorization to do as such. Despite the fact that I am foreign to you, your charming smiles haunt me …

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Flamingo Macro-Fraud Finance Ltd.

Post Views = 4654NEW THIEVES IN TOWN Exclaimer! The story below does not in any way have the authority of declaring Flamingo Micro-finance ltd as a complete fraud agency. It however highlights the plague of hopelessness that has been propagated by the same company to various clients whose names have been withheld due to obvious reasons.It highlights the names of …

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Life on the hang man’s noose

Post Views = 1064Consistently we wake up ahead of schedule, considering life so important. We wake to hunt for a living. We by and large need more cash for ourselves. It is the main solution that can potentially delight our self-centeredness. We have gained the same routine of calendars. Awakening, rushing up to catch the bus to beat traffic …

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A long distance father

Post Views = 2827THE LONG DISTANCE FATHER I love her and it is the beginning of everything. I wonder how you would interpret this short statement. I equally wonder what kind of queries that you will be asking. While you continue wondering why and how loving she is the beginning of everything, I must admit that I miss my mommy. …

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A day in the life:It’s my birthday

Post Views = 1135It is not one of those days that a smile just placates itself on my face. It is rather a nasty day, when you wake up with various frustrations that life has manifested upon your head. The first thing you do in the morning is that you do not feel like waking up, neither do you feel …

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