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Do it with a difference!

Post Views = 1101 Today I woke up so early. I don’t remember the last day I was up this early. My stomach was tight and rumbling. Beneath my navel it hurt. I turned and rolled in bed trying to ease the pain. I looked up to the ceiling with flooded thoughts. Bitter tears oozed from my eyes and for …

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Love me

Post Views = 1177                       By Elizabeth Quinn Everyone says “av neva felt this way before” Well not me. I won’t lie have felt this way before, I have had someone’s words run through my thoughts, I have hugged someone and wished I could sink my way through his heart, I have had my lips …

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I’m just a girl.

Post Views = 1060She is lovable. She has curves. She originates from the inclines of Mount Kenya, where women are destined to be naturally beautiful. Each man adores her. Man when it comes to behaviour, she is the kind of woman you can’t thank your predecessors for. Each morning I bring a stool to the gallery (balcony). Here is my …

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Mlo si mlo

Post Views = 1018Siku ya Jumapili huwa ni siku ya kujivinjari hapa na pale na marafiki, kuwa na matemebezi kiasi na kufurahia maisha. Na hii Jumapili nlikuwa nimeenda kumtembelea rafiki yangu mmoja jijini. Kwa kawaida mazingira ya jiji huwa ni mazuri. Wikendi huwa tulivu na nyuso huwa zina furaha. Watu wanapumzika huku wakila raha pole pole bila fikira sumbua. Hamna …

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Not yet over

Post Views = 916NOT YET OVER I still believe that you love me, without you I can die Without you I cannot sleep, with you I can live Without you I cannot eat, with you I can laugh I still love you, because it is not yet over. Down the memory I chase the dreams, to rear babies with you …

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Blind dates? Let’s do it.

Post Views = 755By John Untamed Life is a twist and just when you think you have had enough, something enticing, something entertaining comes up. Yeah. I know you probably couldn’t agree more. Just when I am on the verge of giving up on blind dates, an email notification pops up on this chilly Wednesday evening. You could have taken …

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