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Tinah turns 40!!!

Post Views = 2381I never had birthday celebrations or ceremonies as a kid. I have never had a name written on any cake in my honor or in the honor of my birthday. I am not one of those kids raised in Beverly Hills either, whose countenances wore good night kisses, and their foreheads shone from delight that is attached …

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Blood and sweat

Post Views = 1180In this ring there is no massage. There is no comforter or shoulder to lean on when jabs get hotter and punches heavier. It is a war with an armory that bespeaks of mercilessness. The army contenders fight furiously. Retreat is just a scanty word. You just don’t give up. In this same field the battle consists …

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Back to business: Mzangila for vice president

Post Views = 1409#Schooltings editions Being back to school sounds, smells and is out rightly cool. All around me activity is buzzing. Backs are swaying heavily, arms are swinging and books are massaged with suave. The only noises around me are of those pages being flipped in lecture rooms and libraries, coupled with shuffling of feet on the streets of …

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Meet the gang

Post Views = 2096We haven’t talked for two straight years. She is my cousin. I was going through my whatsapp contacts looking for a nice damsel to chat with since I am in singlehood and really liking it, when I came across her contact. By the way I am no guy who looks at other people’s photos or status updates …

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Tales of the silent

Post Views = 1090One day you are going to wake up and she’ll be gone. Breast cancer will have eaten all her breasts and nerves, and brains and blood, she won’t breathe at all. She will be motionless. Her world will be different. You will gasp. Your jaws will drop and you won’t have the courage to bend and collect …

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Get your damn house

Post Views = 1752Stop what you are doing. Just stop. Kindly pull a chair and let us have a small invaluable chat. Collect yourself, have a seat and like wise men seated around a pot of busaa, let us stopping drinking the brew and deliberate on this thing called living with relatives. I wouldn’t go wrong if I said that …

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