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The End

The key to winning a fight is having the right tool and knowing when and how to use it

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At 27

Post Views = 10124 One day when I am older, retired with some good sum of money in my bank account, I’ll spend time in the lush golf courses of Kiambu swinging clubs because really that is the swag nowadays. Once you get some dough, you embrace things that looked childish to you back then when you were poor. You …

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One for the Heart

Post Views = 6382 I think he is the only person I ever tell my shit genuinely. He is the first person I ever told odd things about me, dark things, without ever thinking twice. I open to him like you would extend your arm to a girl for a dance, without caring if you’ll trip on the floor during …

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Mr Nice Guy

Post Views = 7302 I never knew I could be an embarrassment until Elsie turned 10. The situation reminded me of one thing- payback is a bitch. Back in the days, some of the acts my dad did could embarrass me in the presence of my pals. These were not just pals. They were the inner circle of people who …

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Their Ilk

Post Views = 8867I once went to an interview. This was somewhere in 2017. I remember the interview because of two things: First, there was only one interviewer, and secondly, I wanted the job but didn’t know what it entailed (in short, I wanted the money but not the responsibilities). The position I was after was that of a business …

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Love will find you

Post Views = 8085 It is finally raining. It is all we wanted, right? The earth was hungry for the rains. We were angry at the clouds stuck in Tanzania, clouds carrying our rains. Now that Magufuli has unlocked those chains that he tied around the necks of our clouds, we can finally ‘ejaculate’ with joy. Now we can finally …

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