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A Day Like This

Post Views = 3868 A day like this, slightly over ten years ago, a baby kicked her legs in the air when she escaped her mother’s vagina and let out a shriek. Not the kind of shrilly cry that irritates, but one that brought joy because it was a sign of life, brought into a world, a terrible world. She …

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A chapter of my life

Post Views = 3677 It is extremely difficult to lead a simple life nowadays. Life has become more complicated, demanding and competitive that it has lost its zeal… I don’t know whether it is life that has lost the zeal or it is we who have made life difficult for ourselves because life is just life, we cannot affect it. …

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The burden of love

Post Views = 3027 A year ago, I went to town to meet this girl I had admired for years. In my profession, I happen to meet a number of people, mostly women. I don’t exactly recall how I met her (not physically though) but it was way back in 2012 or 2013. Immediately I saw her photos, I knew …

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Stories with feet

Post Views = 4588 I’d like to begin the year by narrating the shady things going on because no one is interested in my happiness anymore. Not even my lovely Elsie. Most people, including most of my relatives, want me to be miserable so that they can have things to talk about. For the longest period, I have come to …

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In Retrospect

Post Views = 6652 For years, I have been passionate about the idea of adding weight and growing some muscles, so that I don’t have to carry rocks in my pockets to prevent the wind from blowing me off the surface of the earth. This idea started in my early twenties, and even God rooted for me to find the …

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The big black brazen snake in the park

Post Views = 6179 Last month, Mercy invited me out for picnicking, at one of the parks within the Nairobi outskirts.   She had big news to share and even after persisting that she tells me first, Mercy insisted on face-to-face.  Since we were both broke graduates, we made a small budget and allocated each other on the necessities. I made …

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