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Where is the Love 101

Post Views = 1727We all want to be loved. We want someone to make us feel that the world cares. We desire to be met with warmth and smiles every day. But most of all we want the one who appreciates our uniqueness. We want love. Love is the belief of acceptability that comforts our hearts. It is the one …

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Get It Done

Post Views = 708It’s been three hours. The line is terribly long and twisting behind the building. You can feel weariness drawing closer from a distance and the clouds are surly too, ready to piss any time. And then you imagine yourself being in this long gruesome queue…waiting for your turn.   You can see many other students getting out …

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This class

Post Views = 940Hello folks! how have you been? I miss you…… You ought to have seen me that day. The disarray and blended emotions upon my face were too much. It’s a radical new class, brimming with numerous  unfamiliar faces, many of which were equally shocked to see me. A couple of others were derisive while others promptly begun …

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Tinah turns 40!!!

Post Views = 2370I never had birthday celebrations or ceremonies as a kid. I have never had a name written on any cake in my honor or in the honor of my birthday. I am not one of those kids raised in Beverly Hills either, whose countenances wore good night kisses, and their foreheads shone from delight that is attached …

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Blood and sweat

Post Views = 1162In this ring there is no massage. There is no comforter or shoulder to lean on when jabs get hotter and punches heavier. It is a war with an armory that bespeaks of mercilessness. The army contenders fight furiously. Retreat is just a scanty word. You just don’t give up. In this same field the battle consists …

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Back to business: Mzangila for vice president

Post Views = 1393#Schooltings editions Being back to school sounds, smells and is out rightly cool. All around me activity is buzzing. Backs are swaying heavily, arms are swinging and books are massaged with suave. The only noises around me are of those pages being flipped in lecture rooms and libraries, coupled with shuffling of feet on the streets of …

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