Man of all seasons

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Post Views = 1904Today you may want to borrow a low stool in order to read this. We don’t want you sneezing off your high chair, those that exist in bars. Things at one time become hard to swallow, even the simplest of them. The intricate stuff is treated with uncertainty and fear because who wants to run into a …

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Let’s burn the schools

Post Views = 4230I sit pensively, thinking about our kids in schools. Mine included. Kids who have been sent to school to acquire decent education, become knowledgeable and have something to look up to in the future. Kids that we invest much resources in so that they can be the Einsteins of tomorrow. Kids in whom we have much hope, …

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The Days We Stay Up

Post Views = 4147I wake up to the sound of alarms at seven sharp. My long day starts with jolts, bellows and wide yawns. Sometimes I turn and smash the alarm on the floor, seize my blankets tighter and ask the gods of morning glory to wake me up in the next 5 minutes. Sometimes I beseech them to keep …

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The Moles At Our Places Of Work

Post Views = 1693I am one of those guys who look forward to Fridays. Fridays are so dear to me that I can kill someone for it. They are those days that I have lean energy for work, a constipated stomach and red eyes due to sleep overlaps missed during the week. It is the only day that grins paste …

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The last tribe

Post Views = 3208I never felt tribally alienated until I landed myself in foreign lands. Before then, being a Kisii to me did not make any big difference. You wouldn’t know unless I told you or heard me talking on phone with my dad, and sometimes my relatives. Beyond that, people confused me for Kuyu or Kao or any other …

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Post Views = 2752I have never been so close to my old man. A few years back it was even worse because he was a lion, and I was an antelope, something that made our relationship full of tension. I was paranoid about men at that age, and whenever I watched American movies I got myself wondering why me, like …

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