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Live or Die

Post Views = 1020Being honest can sometimes get you killed. So people tend to hide behind mirrors of dishonesty to protect themselves from looking less virile or even from things unknown. A few years ago people were less paranoid, and did just more than just ask questions, not because they had less developed prefrontal nerves as psychology would argue- do …

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Reader of the Month

Post Views = 726It is one year now down the line since this blog started to live. One year may sound so young but for someone who keeps content running up here that sounds like a train that has seen centuries. It is so bad that we ain’t having a birthday or cake cutting ceremony for the same, simply because …

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My Old Man

Post Views = 1939You don’t need to talk even a tad bit to him to know that he has a reveling charm. You don’t need to shake his arms to discern whether he gives firm handshakes. Neither is there any need for you to visit his homestead to see if he owns a wheelbarrow and a couple of domestic animals, …

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New Year Resolutions

Post Views = 966My story started from the hills of a dingy village in Kisii, damned by poor beer gobbling lechers and haunted by evil spirits. It is in this village that my story began to unfold, page after page, till this moment when my chin is no longer smooth, rather scraggy with a huge beard and a massive head, …

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A letter to Kenyans Abroad

Post Views = 1002A certain dude landed in JKIA on Thursday, jetting back to his roots for a thin vacation (how the cowboy said it), just two months. Two months! Thin! I thought he was kidding, or he even is, or even I am the dumber kid here not getting it. That aside, he is my friend’s friend’s friend. You …

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Rock it and move on

Post Views = 1946It is five in the evening, on a Wednesday. And you are from doing your last exam for that semester. The hardest of all, a paper wrapped a beautiful name, communication research II, instead of advanced statistics. And you feel like someone who has been sitting on your back just left, but you are still bent because …

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