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The Stories of The Dead

Post Views = 1315I just turned 24 last week. I know many won’t believe this but it is true. Against all odds I added another year.  I can recall that it is just a few years I was 18 and fresh from high school, a young lad with a lot of ambitions and laser like focus which I guess waned …

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Without Women

Post Views = 1930The existence of men in the future becomes a matter of grace if it is true that sperm can one day be manufactured in laboratories. Women have been mildly assessing their men since last week’s scientific breakthrough, weighing up the non-biological advantages of keeping them on. It is less taxing to imagine a world without women, because …

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Behind the Desks

Post Views = 1239I have been on a tormenting track sourcing to be attached somewhere, a paying organization probably because I hate the idea of working free of charge for some lazy ass employees. This has literary turned me gushing into and out of offices like I own them. For the last three weeks now I have paid every other …

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To mama

Post Views = 1129I very much had the impetus of writing something about models, but then I thought my mother would be so cross with me in her tomb. My mother would wear a cold face if at all, during this mothers’ day I didn’t dedicate a long post to cherish and credit her for raising a nerd like me. …

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Nanyuki Part 1

Post Views = 2203Last week on a sweet Thursday afternoon I packed my bags. I am not a travelling chronie because of this crazy feeling in my stomach, and killing nausea that hits me whenever I travel. Trust me that feeling is such a killjoy. You can’t enjoy your journey like everybody else, you can’t sit up and look at …

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when we go broke

Post Views = 4620It is half past midnight, on a Wednesday morning. It is when am keying in my story to beat the deadline. And I can feel a meticulous wave of slumber whip my head with a mattock, sending blurry images to my eyes so that I can’t see clearly. But either way I have to do this. I …

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