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Should You Date a Model

Post Views = 2471Disclaimer! Dear female models, I mean no harm by writing this. Everything in here is a mess. It savors like a broken promise. It hurts, leaves scars and indelible memories that will keep goring at your self-esteem. The words herein may bring upon your life gaps that never existed before. Your perfection may risk deletion after today. …

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The days we used to eat

Post Views = 1838I remember those days we used to eat like the whole world depended on it to revolve. Days when food was the centre of our lives. Stomachs ruled us and we worked hard to make them empty. Food was bounty because we worked hard in our shambas to get the crop for our families. We were hardworking, …

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How do you use your social media platforms?

Post Views = 1576In this generation of constant transformation and hi-tech advancement, the youth are also not being tails that wag behind. We have fully embraced these platforms that have made the world be nothing but a global village. However, in as much as we would want to use these tools, do we remember that technology is in itself a …

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9 year old on Facebook

Post Views = 1744Child trafficking on Facebook I just discovered that my 9 year old daughter is strongly massaging the interwebs like a pro. Not only that, she is right on Facebook, just like all of us. She is living large on social media since her mother introduced her to Skype. I knew this because in one of those Facebook …

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To Those who Think my Wife is Ugly

Post Views = 5957It is five years now since I got hitched to the queen of my heart, Jane. Jane was and still is the love of my life. Our wedding was not full of grandeur or opulence as we did not have much money then. During our wedding, which cost us 50,000 bob, many of my friends boycotted to …

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Pan-Africanism of the New Day

Post Views = 1786I am waking up to this discussion belatedly; but hopefully not overly late. Neo-liberalism, globalization, ‘feminism’, capitalism, free-market-ism, ‘human-right-ism’, self-determinism etc from where I sit bear a distinct commonness – they are post-colonial discourses chiefly emanating from cross-cultural contact and cross cultural consciousness. A contact that is obviously ‘unforgiving’ to ‘primal’ ideology, and to the African worldview. …

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