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If I ever fall in love

Post Views = 1516I want you to look at the photo up there keenly. Don’t you see this lovely smile? Okay, doesn’t it look awesome? No, honestly, look at it again. Isn’t this the perfect smile that infants wear, even if they don’t know it, but because they are generally happy? Does it look like I’m smiling at the camera? …

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A man

Post Views = 1625In this world there is a man somewhere. A man in his old age,probably late 80s. He is sitting somewhere under the shade on his three legged stool. Unlike the 90s when smoking seemed really cool, especially tobacco, he does not find joy in it anymore. It’s bloody precarious smoking, and if he does, it’s once in …

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The outliers

Post Views = 894Finally trump won. Mercilessly beating his opponent to her knees. A clean win. Something that Kenyans consider outrageous, even though they are not capable of electing good leaders to office.  They are just good at dipping their noses into business that doesn’t concern them. I admire Trump because he is always a champ, something he is been …

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In this life we run

Post Views = 1232It’s been a month now since a small seed sprouted at the heart of Karatina. A seed bought from a market. Full of old women. Round women. Women with turbans on their heads. Women whose hands are rough because of handling money, and to be specific a lot of coins, their huge breasts acting as banks. And …

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The hole in Elsie’s life

Post Views = 962There are days in life when you can’t even construct a sentence. Days when even that which earns you the bread doesn’t seem to work. These are the days when laziness cannot be blamed for anything undone because no matter how much psyched up you are nothing fruitful comes out. You just feel empty. Emptiness that cannot …

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The interview

Post Views = 859There are electricity poles hugging posters screaming of jobs everywhere in Karatina. On an extremely hot afternoon in summer, you plodding your way to town, aimlessly because sitting at home ain’t any better. Summers are extraordinarily hot. Hot that you wish to carry even a tree around over your head. The sun is out all through and …

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