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Coming Out Of The Closet

Post Views = 785It is amazing how life takes different twists with each morning we see. We do not have the future figured out, the circumstances are innumerable and our wishes do not necessarily align with the reality. Damn, I wish we could own that power to foretell of the future so that we can curve the road leading to …

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Pray for me

Post Views = 954There is always a temptation of pursuing something that you truly know will result into negative repercussions. On most occasions the power to surrender to that temptation is largely dominant. You ask yourself- why not try something new? After all it might turn out to be adventurous. The truth is uglier that the thought of adventure. Some …

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Hello 2017

Post Views = 841She finally got delivered. As promised, we had banquets, made merry, drank, blacked out and slept till late. We said hello when her head popped out of her mom’s thighs. Well, my first achievement this year was to be the first one to pee before anyone could. I ensured I did because I’m the only crazy bastard …

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She is going to die

Post Views = 958She was born a few days ago at the end of last year. The whole world extolled her birth because she was a symbol of new beginnings for everyone. There were cheers, ululations, people stayed up late, brewers made their best wines, drunks toasted rounds of liquors, Christians stayed late in church waiting for her birth, men …

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Moments 2016

Post Views = 924Here we come, peeping to the end of the year. But before that a barrier will come, wrapped in good tidings- Christmas, a time of merry making and celebrating the birth of whoever you worship. Your God, small gods or even Jesus. All in all, it will leave us broke and naked, vulnerable to the harsh conditions …

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In the dust

Post Views = 877You and a few others are seated in a meeting. It is around five and the meeting has not officially begun. So you are all engaging in some informal conversations, sharing jokes, laughing and generally feeling good as you wait the rest to join you, because in this world there is always that one person who never …

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