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A man of The Cloth (Stained Collar)

Post Views = 1149Today is one of those days I curl under my blankets and then sleep. But before that, I’ll ask Njeri, my PA, to rub my back slowly and rock me softly to enter a zone of no return. Where tingling and laughter and smiles abide. I will take one smile, wear it, and then hold Njeri’s hand …

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Too much salvation needs saving

Post Views = 1056There are people in this world who are saved. People who beyond any normal circumstances will eat your skin if you said anything outside the godly. They walk in faith. Their steps are conjoined to the word of God. Those who use the bible as their first and final reference material. Men and women whose conversation is …

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Men and knickers

Post Views = 1564Disclaimer- blogging is all about vanity. Furthermore, it is an art that needs to be appreciated. The blog respects its readers, but art is borderless. The works depicted here are that of art, and should not be taken with high-level seriousness unless they are. This post is nothing near PG but it can be. There is Izo, …

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When she closed!

Post Views = 1046A hotel is supposed to be a place to eat when you got no nerves for cooking. A place you pop in when hunger is bashing you right from the backdoor. Somewhere you can grab something quick on your way to the workstation. Some nice place you can hang out and eat your favorite. A place you …

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Tears of a bleeding heart

Post Views = 1017Tears of a bleeding heart Last night I talked to Elsie. Nothing would describe the kind of happiness that swept through me now that she had gotten over her rancour and talked to me like old times. I had missed her soft voice, something that I held unto for two years. Last December her momma didn’t bring …

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Men and pony

Post Views = 991This is a loose continuation of this story. That evening our friend with a green surf invited us for a nyamchom treat. Earlier that day we had brunched on some ugali and straight looking tilapia that oozed sweetness that words cannot describe. He is a good man, because of that. He understands men. It is around 7.20pm …

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