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They live in our memories

Post Views = 938Back in High School, The Nakuru High School, we made memories that will forever linger in our heads. High school is a great source of tales because we discovered ourselves at that particular stage before moving to varsity where life is discovered. George Kariuki was one of my classmates, dorm mate and cube mate. For that reason …

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Bad girls revised bible

Post Views = 1045Somebody’s son is going to end up in your hands. A son some parent(s) struggled to bring up properly. A son who you are going to handle, or rather try to handle because he is macho. One who will act honcho and you the missus, his labourer; the slave. But before you get him, the rough road …

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hitting on a girl

Post Views = 824This world is full of desperate people. People who loneliness kills in the silence of their empty lives because we were not made to be islanders. Were we? It is not good for man to be alone, for he needs a partner to share his sorrows with. Someone who will like and love them the way they …

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A girl, a text and misery

Post Views = 1063You call on your pal on a Friday on your way to school. He is in his final year, pursuing a course that doesn’t really excite his eyebrows because to him it’s a matter of shifting goalposts later. He never does anything that looks like entrepreneurship, the programme his ass is taking. From the face value, he …

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Botched: The wedding that never was

Post Views = 750By Tabitha Ezra There was a time I made a serious decision which soon landed me on the verge of shame and humiliation. Well, it happened that my ex-fiancé and I had planned for a wedding. It was supposed to be simple but very beautiful. We had intended to use this occasion to create a powerful bond …

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Dear Safaricom

Post Views = 3296Dear Safaricom, Hello there! My sexy name is Mzangila, one of your most loyal customers for the last 10 years. 10 years ago I was in form one or two. So I have really grown. My spending patterns on your services have also grown in those years. 10 years ago, my spending pattern was somewhere between 10 …

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