Man of all seasons

Day 4 in KU: Going foreign

Post Views = 912KISSING THE ASS Today I feel withdrawn and tired. Waking up is like an uphill task. My mind feels overloaded and heavy like sledgehammer hanging by my forehead. I wish I had no obligations today…I tell myself. The time on my phone is 6.23am, two minutes to the alarm. I can hear Vincent singing to some hip …

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Day 3: God must be a woman

Post Views = 1132 GOD MUST BE A WOMAN I am tucked at the back left seat of our car, like a small baby being driven to school. At the driver’s seat, Ceasar (cousin) and Collo (friend) is the co-driver. I have all the back seat for myself. Ceasar and Collo chat all the way through in low tones and …

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Diary of a lost Casanova, Day 2- KU bugs

Post Views = 1658Disclaimer! This blog highly respects its readers. It appreciates them and would do anything to ensure they know that. The views presented here may not be true words of what goes on in the mind of the writer. At times they’re thoughts that excite people. I will not dwell much on what went on in the classrooms …

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Day 1 one in the system

Post Views = 1508Last Sunday, I went to Kenyatta University to attend the much politicized Ajira Digital Programme training. With me were a hundreds of other youths who had come to drink from the government udder. Over the week I stayed in KU, I was able to observe one thing or another as I interacted with other trainees. To this …

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Palaver on stage

Post Views = 1168On Friday I went downtown to the Kenya National Museum. First time there. In a small auditorium, The Leakey Auditorium, I join a few other writing enthusiasts. I always get late to venues, especially if it is my first time. It took me more than 300 bob to get there when in fact I could have used …

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Dear single mothers

Post Views = 1780Dear always whining single mothers, For long no one has manned enough to squeeze a pill of hard truth down your throats. That is going to change today because I’m the merciless brute you need to hate so that you can grow. We’ve all heard so many excuses, and whines from single mothers. Especially on how the …

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