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In Retrospect

Post Views = 6476 For years, I have been passionate about the idea of adding weight and growing some muscles, so that I don’t have to carry rocks in my pockets to prevent the wind from blowing me off the surface of the earth. This idea started in my early twenties, and even God rooted for me to find the …

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The big black brazen snake in the park

Post Views = 5965 Last month, Mercy invited me out for picnicking, at one of the parks within the Nairobi outskirts.   She had big news to share and even after persisting that she tells me first, Mercy insisted on face-to-face.  Since we were both broke graduates, we made a small budget and allocated each other on the necessities. I made …

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A close shave

Post Views = 6821I walked into Sarova Stanley a few days ago, late in the evening to meet a special client. It happens that most of my loyal clients are women. As a man who’s known to shift goal posts, trying to find himself in the events of juggling tens of careers, I end up seizing any opportunity that comes …

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We shall rise

Post Views = 13850One morning in the fall of September 2001, Andreas’ father left home, only never to return. For a period of twelve years, Mr Harrington had worked for the FBI under a special branch of covert operatives who penetrated gangs, drug empires, criminal organizations and other syndicates to collect intelligence. The FBI would then use this intel to …

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Post Views = 18570Most of my lady friends belong to the age bracket of 20-22 years. It is the other day I realized that I have asked almost all of them a similar question. How does it feel like being 21? Being 26, I must have forgotten what it felt like when I was 21. And whenever I talk to …

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Long lost

Post Views = 3519So far, 2018 has been a difficult year. I have no clue about how you feel, but to me the ride has been exhausting. The year started on a high note as I had promising prospects in life and career. Today as I retrospect, there’s barely nothing to smile about this journey so far. The truth is …

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