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I am fat again

Post Views = 7736 “I am fat again.” There are two ways to read this statement. One, you can read it loudly because you hearing it read aloud could help you understand it better. The second way involves you reading it quietly, while looking at it, to make sure you read it correctly, whilst wondering what to do with that …

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A lifetime with a feminist

Post Views = 12796 Thanks to all men who are taking part in this conversation: Feminism. Until I found no value in attacking women for obvious reasons (I was wicked and angry, broken and vengeful), I was what people called a brute misogynist. When I first started approaching women, things were greatly odd with me, how I projected myself and …

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The next unicorn

Post Views = 5577 In this post I’ll be breaking some of the English rules and inventing new ones. English lingo has been loosely used for obvious reasons. I am a better man now, in terms of health and shape. My performance, endurance and speed have significantly improved. This is not the case with my bedroom game, the odds are …

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Marriage is a trap

Post Views = 7674 When Zach touched his wife, she didn’t respond as he’d expected. Instead, she asked him, “ Zach, what do you think you’re doing?” This happened one night five years ago. And for a man, such a question can emit varied feelings, ranging from silence, anger to confusion. If you’re a man, you must have come across …

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To those we loved and lost

Post Views = 7900 Most writers are paranoid on the inside. Also, they’re mostly introverted, often saying most things about themselves but not enough for you to know them. They have mastered a way of telling so much, yet so little about themselves. When you interact, they can be talkative, a way of putting you in the comfort zone so …

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A Day Like This

Post Views = 3779 A day like this, slightly over ten years ago, a baby kicked her legs in the air when she escaped her mother’s vagina and let out a shriek. Not the kind of shrilly cry that irritates, but one that brought joy because it was a sign of life, brought into a world, a terrible world. She …

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