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The transition

Post Views = 884I was travelling from Karatina to Nairobi on Monday. For the last time I had to look back with a sore eye, to the place I had called home away from home for close to five years. In those years, I never conceived of such a day to greet me with wide grins. The love and the …

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Feelings without a name

Post Views = 1081It was around seven in the morning. I sat on the balcony facing the east where yellow embers of the sun were beginning to flicker. Sitting at that very same spot gave me immense joy. From here, I could watch the entire neighbourhood, as well as the city far away. It always felt pleasurable taking in the …

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A moment with Mzangila- Story of my life

Post Views = 5937Interview by Esther Wangari Kibathi I caught up with Mzangila of the legendary lifestyle Brand whose contribution to Karatina fraternity in terms of leadership, influence, and calling out bad leaders as well as entertaining through his writing has been notable. Here is a moment with the most desirable man who caught a glint in the eyes of …

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Of hardworking men and gay things

Post Views = 2221There is a big game going down. It’s on a Sunday evening and we all feel lethargic, except for the thought of the Manu-Arsenal game that is on the count- an hour to go. In the house, there is a cousin of mine with his wife who’s very pregnant, another cousin who is a sibling to the …

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Where shall we go?

Post Views = 910Where should we go, we who meander in this no man’s land looking for better selves? Where might we go, we who have gone in and out of similar courses each day? What should we wear, we who have strolled exposed now that we have depleted all designs? What should we sing, we who have sang and …

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When I die

Post Views = 1352There are two things I fear courting- sickness and death. Sickness weakens and ages your soul. The soul gets torn and at that moment of sickness, I usually feel like a mango seed after every steak of its meat has been devoured. Sickness slows your steps to those of a toddler trying to walk on two for …

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