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Of Kilimani mums and bizarre bedroom shenanigans

Post Views = 7390PREAMBLE The intention of this blog is not to sound too vulgar or be the centre for disseminating the same. Today’s post is going to be too raw to take in. I fully comprehend that some of us are used to this nastiness, but for the preservative few, we apologize up front for the kind of lingua …

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Slices of fatherhood

Post Views = 1315I stroll into Debonairs on Muindi Mbingu Street on a Friday evening. It is a languid day. The thoroughfares and inside are full of pretty faces, gleeful probably because members day has a way of planting happiness on people’s faces. Friday implies taking a break from mean supervisors at work, a break from office work, a break …

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Down this lane

Post Views = 1250Old story in a new era I easily squeeze myself into a seat, at around 3pm on a Saturday in some hotel in the city. I am not loaded so I rarely check into big hotels. I care for my pocket than anything else. In my pocket, a creased one k note. It’s the only thing standing between …

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Mending the cracks of our nation Kenya

Post Views = 1020I am seated in Arkland Palace Hotel, which is at third floor of this building. The view to the left is orgasmic but not as good as that from 6th floor of Westview building in Westlands. A few minutes ago, I picked Boaz from The National Archives where he is interning. Closer to him is Tobbins whose …

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The Last Leg

Post Views = 879Exiting the camp. This piece was supposed to appear yesterday. Before you emblazon lazy-ass on my face, hear me out first. The kind of church I go does not allow me to do much on Saturday, except resting. Normally, I would go to Lavington SDA church for the morning session. In the afternoon, we would be driving …

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In this homestretch

Post Views = 1357In This Homestretch There wasn’t sleep on me today. Yester night I slept quite early, at around 8. To a person who is used to sleep at mid-night, sleeping at 8pm can be a gross nightmare. Let’s face it, if I sleep early before my time, there are two outcomes; waking up in the middle of the …

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